Dream back a few decades with classic antique wall lights

As she mounted at eye level be, steer the attention directly on yourself. And then the classic-antique design of these wall lights. Nobody can stop it. Because the Materials and colors complement each other in a playful way. Some models would certainly be good in one Royal Castle fit and would not have noticed any further. But also models that are more in Towards shabby-chic go, can be found under this category. It connects: The Nostalgia factor and the beautiful appearance, as if they had already been decades behind.

How are wall lights installed?

Before you mount your new, classic-antique wall lamp, read the Instructions for use including all safety instructions carefully. Then everything should work well. If you have no experience in electrical installations, but better on one professional electrician put. So you are absolutely on the safe side.

Tip: If your wall light is on Cable with plug you do not need an experienced electrician. Because then you have the light only fasten to the wall, But first check if there is a power outlet nearby. A Great solution for rental apartmentsif nothing is allowed to change on the wiring.

At which height are wall lights to be installed?

When you attach your jewelry to the wall, you should note: you want later not be blinded by him – except for its beauty, of course. That’s why you should use the light about five inches above eye level fasten to the wall. That’s an average of about 1.70 – 1.80 meters above the ground,

What distinguishes antique sconces?

They pick style elements long gone eras on. And are partly deceptively real trimmed to old, So you give every room something profound, nostalgic, The antique look also makes sconces a very classic element that would have made the previous generations feel just as comfortable as you do today at the sight of your new achievement.

What types of antique wall lights are there?

An antique wall light is not the same as an antique wall light. Although you have already specified the selection quite well, but one Plenty of possibilities you still have. What works best with your personal taste?

    • Single and multi-flame models
    • Models with umbrella or with free Look at the bright bulb
    • wall torches for soft, glare-free light
    • half round wall shellsflood the wall with light
    • Spotlights and spots, who put your paintings in scene
    • Extendable models with accordion-like wall mount

In which materials are classical antique wall lamps kept?

With “antique” one thinks first of all of materials like Brass, silver and iron, Which materials make the antique wall lamp variety, see clearly in the corresponding filter, There you can among other things Stainless steel, crystal, brass and also silk choose. On the Filter “color” you can then, for example, still golds to steer into the result. Or how about Chrome, old brass or zinc?

Are there classic-antique sconces also with switches?

That you want a wall lamp with classic-antique appearance, has already decided? Very well, all you have to do now is decide as this best operated shall be. It is possible that a lot. What about that?

      • The good old one wall switch – still up to date
      • On Switch directly on the light – easy to operate directly
      • On Switch on the supply cable – also easy to use
      • A remote Control – it can be controlled quite a bit, even the multi-color function
      • Via mobile app Can a wall lamp also be controlled – if it is smart (also accessible via retrofitting with a smart bulb)

Tip: Of course there is also the possibility that the Wall lamp of two wall switches is controlled from. We know that from the bedroom, where there is one Switch next to the door and another right by the bed gives.

Do classic antique wall lamps work with LED technology?

LED is the best solution when it comes to lighting. Of course, wall lights are no exception. Not even if you are antique. Because energy saving and environmentally friendly You certainly want to illuminate anyway, right? If the bulb is visible and should match the style, you can trendy LED filament bulbs to grab. They have the same advantages as all modern LEDs:

      • Compared to lightbulbs save 90% energy, compared to Halogen lamps 60%
      • You are allowed to approach approx maintenance-free technology looking forward
      • LED bulbs have one Life of up to 50,000 hours
      • The LED technology stands for very durable bulbs
      • Directly when switching is it 100% bright
      • Compact designs are the result of modern LED technology

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