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So you get with cabinets a lack of light under cabinets in the handle

On the worktop under the kitchen cabinet is it too dark to cut vegetables? In the pot you see no soup, but a black hole? And that despite burning ceiling light? Then you have that typical kitchen light problem,

But because thousands of other homeowners have exactly the same problem, there is a convenient, quick fix for it: Under cabinet lights,

Why is it dark under cupboards (despite ceiling lamp)?

That’s because the light from the ceiling does not reach under the kitchen cabinet. Certainly not if you’re in front of it. With your back to the light. Because that’s how you create shade with your body. Because they fall on the work and hearth surfaces, they interfere with work.

The only solution: More light create, best directly under the kitchen cupboard,

What types of cabinet cabinets are there?

There are two types of cabinet cabinets: light strips and Spots,

light strips

These are popular because they are even Distribute light over a large area (and illuminate all cooking plates and not just one point). They are used in the kitchen as well as z. B. over the workbench or – in the form of mirror lights – in the bathroom.

Important: Note the place of application! In areas that are exposed to moisture (this includes the bathroom as well as the sink) necessarily to a reasonable moisture protection respect, think highly of. This can be found in the “Protection class” field of the product.

The IP code can be found here:


These are mostly as a set delivered. Placed side by side, they also illuminate a surface well. Another reason for buying: If the area is not very large, z. For example, in a small kitchenette in a one-bedroom apartment, you can use fewer spots.

For many sets, the individual spots are one over the other Connectors connected. From this again, the connection to the power supply goes off (either for a power connection or as a plug for the power outlet). Advantage: You need with such a set (for no matter how many spots from the set) only a single connection!

Are there battery powered alternatives?

Yes, you can find it here. Cabinet lights work either by mains, with plug or battery powered. Advantage of the latter: you have next to the assembly no cables embarrassed.

And the battery switch is due to the LED lighting technology used reduced to a minimum, LEDs protect the battery – and still provide brightness on the sink. A nice alternative, if you simply have no electricity or can retrofit – in many rental apartments z. B.!

How to mount cabinet cabinets?

This can be found in the assembly instructions for the respective product. Most products will using small screws under the cabinet attached.

Yes, that means you have to drill small holes in the kitchen cabinet. If you do not want that, you can do it too carefully with high quality double-sided duct tape try. Most cabinet lights are very light. Good adhesive tape often has enough adhesive power for this. But watch this more closely, otherwise the light will suddenly come down!

Different possibility: Light bars for wall mounting, Strictly speaking, these are not cabinet lights, as they do not hang under the cabinet. But they are still under the cupboard! And the light too.

How to change the lamp?

Disconnect wired lights behind the cabinet, unscrew covers: Changing a halogen reflector was and is not always easy.

But if you want to save something like that in the future, you are taking luminaires with you permanently installed LEDs, The can You also do not switch, have to but not either.

Because the LEDs hold using just a few hours a day (and who really needs more in the kitchen) up to 30 years and more. switching fixed they are too. This means that you can safely switch on your light several times a day, even for such trivial things as cork-pulling with the wine bottle.

How do I turn on the kitchen cabinet light?

Either …

  • quite classic with a switch on the housing or …
  • with a motion detector.

You want to work on the work surface, but still have your hands completely greasy and do not want to make your lamp dirty? Then the motion detector switches the light automatically when you approach.

Another advantage: He turns the light again automatically off if you no longer work nearby. This saves electricity, protects the lamps, increases the service life and is incidentally the only solution for those who like to forget to switch off the lights everywhere.

Socket shortage in the kitchen – the special comfort tip!

Have you ever left a power outlet for the mixer (because the phone just charges)? Then we recommend cabinet cabinets with built-in sockets. They are permanently integrated on the luminaire housing and you can connect additional electrical appliances here.

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