Fabric ceiling lights – basic lighting in its coziest form

The Lighting. Simply essential in every room. And with ceiling lights even so easy to realize. In a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, designs, materials and of course with modern LED technology, There is almost no better way to provide in its four walls for a stylish basic brightness. Another tick more comfortable and cozy complacent, as there are already ceiling lights anyway? Then you simply sit up Textile ceiling lights.

Why choose a textile ceiling light?

It is really easy. Because….

  • a fabric shade due to its material and designs a particularly cozy and comfortable the atmosphere creates
  • the ceiling light, of course, of modern LED technology can benefit
  • the light through the fabric screen just in the living room as special comfortable and is perceived atmospherically. It is more subdued and glare-free as well.
  • it the textile ceiling lamp in the different designs, Shapes, colors and material combinations exist

Are there textile ceiling lights with LED?

Of course. Even with textile ceiling lights can be found E27, E14 and sometimes too G9 sockets. In these standardized versions In addition to incandescent and halogen lamps, LED lamps can also be used standardized socket be screwed.

As? But you really want to do not replace bulbs have to? Not even with your new textile ceiling light? Also not an issue. Numerous ceiling lamps with fabric shade already have these days permanently installed LEDs. Then it says: Illuminants buy adé. Enjoy the most beautiful light without ever having to change the bulb.

In which shapes, colors and sizes are textile ceiling lights?

Round, square or rectangular. These are the preferred forms in which textile ceiling lights are most popular in your home. A very trendy version at the moment: circular cloth umbrella lights with several, interlocking, but different sized textile rings. Or also several circular lights with a relative small diameter, which are connected to each other at the top by a ceiling beam.

Regarding the phosphor screen there are the classic ones white, gray or cream. But also black, brown, green, orange, red, etc. are. Or printed. With omissions in various forms – for fascinating lighting effects in the room – or with fascinating details in other materials such as e.g. with crystal, metal or wood elements.

For which rooms are textile ceiling lights most suitable?

in the residential– and bedroom: With these the textile ceiling light forms a real dream team! Because the light of the fabric ceiling light is gently steamed and glare delivered into the room. Perfect to make yourself comfortable. But not only the light, but also the fabric screen radiates Comfort, comfort and atmosphere.

In Hall and hallway: Also, of course, in principle possible, if you want something more comfortable there. However, you should make sure that the brightness is still sufficient for key search and shoe wear.

In the Kitchen: Rather not suitable, because kitchen odors can settle from cooking in the fabric screen. In addition, the surface suffers from settling fats and dirt. And after a short while, who wants to read from the shade of his ceiling light what he has baked and cooked in recent months? Here prefer to put on ceiling lights without textile screen or e.g. also on recessed spotlights or ceiling spotlights and spots.

in the Dining room: in principle, of course, there too possible. But v. A. for the realization of General lighting. A Area lighting, in order, e.g. to put the dining table in the limelight, you do not really get it. Due to the high position in the room, the light is too undecided for it. Here are Hanging lamps simply the better choice. And of course there are of course with cozy fabric umbrella.

Are textile ceiling lights dimmable?

Well, that depends, which variant a textile ceiling light you choose.

Version 1: They have a ceiling lamp with permanently installed LEDs select.

Then it always depends on the product, whether it is dimmable. Whether this is the case, you look in the Product details. What you need then is usually still a suitable external Dimmer.

Variant 2: They have a ceiling lamp with exchangeable bulbs select.

Then they are also dimmable only if they have a suitable, external dimmer dranhängen. If you have this, you can join Halogen or incandescent lamps use every bulb. Because every halogen or incandescent lamp is also dimmable! Oh, halogen lamps! Would not I want to use any more, do you think? Very good thought! Because of course you can also in your ceiling light Led Lamps Screw. But then please pay attention to that in the product details is that the LED lamps are also dimmable.

Variant 3: You have a textile ceiling light with you Easy dim function select.

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