Floor Lighting Designs for the Modern Home

Stylishly illuminated in a different way: In-ground luminaires let living spaces shine from below

You can use the room divide and divide, You can him Mood to lend and him illuminate pretty and functional, We are talking about recessed floor lights for the interior. Let yourself be inspired by the creative possibilities of this very simple type of luminaire, which only gets the right pep through its placement.

Where is the use of recessed floor luminaires indoors suitable?

For a long time her stage was the garden, There they beamed on paths and stairs to the bet and provided for orientation and nice ambience. In the meantime, recessed ground luminaires have also made their way indoors. If the local conditions and conditions fit, they can completely assembled at will be – for example as optical room divider or at the stairs, tip: If you want recessed ground lights, you should think about that in time. Because that upgrade is only with some effort possible.

How are recessed floor lights installed?

Hobby handyman should rather withhold recessed floor lights. Here it is really recommended, one Electrician get into the boat. Because the professional installation in the ground is something more extensive compared to an ordinary ceiling light.

Tip: In the product details you should always in advance on the depth – indicated in cm – pay attention. This is how you and your electrician can plan better,

Are recessed floor lights tread-proof?

If you find your place on the floor, would you like to be able to walk over it? This option is also better than being constantly careful where to go. Whether a recessed floor light walkable or – as for outdoor use – even traversable is easy to find out: Simple in the item Description or in the technical data sheet check.

How are ground recessed lights switched on?

Once the chic in-ground luminaires have been installed, the big moment will come. They are switched on for the first time. As a rule, this does not happen directly at the light, but over wall switch. motion detector. twilight switch or one timer,

Is a transformer needed?

Would you like to know whether you need a transformer for your in-ground recessed luminaires? That’s the case, if one Low voltage light by means of transformer or power supply is operated. There are also recessed floor lights directly with 230 volts operate. Do you have questions about this?

Are floor lights based on modern LED technology?

Of course, and for a good reason. LEDs provide compact, filigree design options, are luminous intensity and have one long lifetime of up to 50,000. Hours. Besides, you are very energy efficient and thus protect the environment and your wallet. Another advantage, which is especially important for luminaires with motion detectors: you achieve 100 percent brightness immediately after switching on,

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