Retro Style living room You’ll Enjoy

For the moment, retro does not mean more than just “backwards” and, according to “Wikipedia”, is characterized by “phenomena linked to older traditions or characteristics”. In the furniture culture fall mainly the shapes and colors of the 50s and 60s.

Retro Style: What is typical?

Typical of the retro style are organic shapes, teak furniture, graphic and geometric patterns. The classic kidney table is just as much a part of the retro style as leather cocktail chairs. From subtle pastel shades to bright colors – everything is represented in the retro style. The latter rather punctual! Natural tones, cream, white and black also stand for the retro style.

Retro style: harmony of form and function

The design of the 50s and 60s juggled skilfully with the balance of form and function of a piece of furniture, just as the Scandinavians master the implementation even today. In the 50s, the first wooden furniture shaped the picture of the apartment. The two- or three-dimensional deformed products made of bent wood are classically elegant and timeless – even today with the implementation of the retro style. Even cast-in-one-piece cupboards, such as the classic Panton Chair, always appear in the retro style.

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