Florentine hanging lamps – Italian-style
  floristic light art

Florentine hanging lamps – Italian-style floristic light art

Artfully, the flowers tower in the air. Sometimes it’s just a few flowers, sometimes a lush bouquet. The defining style element of the Florentine hanging lamps is often the flower that adorns the coat of arms of the central Italian city of Florence since the Middle Ages. The quaint old town of Florence has rightly been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. The flower of the coat of arms, a stylized iris, should not be negligible for the name Florentine pendant lamp. The direction of the artful design of these extraordinary light objects is, however, probably above all the old Florentine handicraft.

Ornaments made of crystal and metal beautify every room

Florentine suspended lamps are works of art made with great attention to detail. Especially flower-shaped hand-painted glass goblets in different colors – but also flowers made of lead crystal make your home shine in a whole new light! Because crystal breaks the light especially beautiful and provides beautiful light reflections. But even during the day, if the Florentine pendant light may not be switched on, it is a real eye-catcher.

Florentine pendant light: from modern to historic

Whether modern character or nostalgic – Florentine hanging lamps captivate by their versatility. Sometimes they are antique, sometimes modern, sometimes magnificent, sometimes simple. And five-fold, they unfold their effect just as impressively as 12 or 18 flames. Florentine hanging lamps can also be used individually and – depending on your wishes – cut a fine figure in the living or dining room as well as in the kitchen.