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Furniture lights – handy helpers and
aesthetically pleasing

Furniture lights – handy helpers and aesthetically pleasing

They are small and inconspicuous. But when they are turned on, you know: it was worth it. Worth to buy and install furniture lights. Because you will love the result. And your creativity knows no bounds. Some ideas that are always good and really practical:

    • Simply put the furniture-mounted spotlights on the living room cabinet as invisible ceiling washlights – you will be amazed by the atmospheric light.
    • You love to read and have a big bookshelf? Then show it! With furniture lights, it really comes into its own.
    • You can not leave it? You just have a real collector’s passion? Then populate your showcase with furniture lights and give your favorite pieces a glowing stage.
    • Honestly. It just annoying when you want to get clothes out of the wardrobe in the morning and can not really see what’s available. Furniture lights create a remedy.
    • Shadow on the countertop? That is not how it works! With furniture spotlights, you can tackle every carrot with the utmost precision.

How are furniture lights fixed?

There are three possibilities:

      • a Plastic ring Mount on a smooth surface and insert luminaires. For this you do not have to drill your furniture, but get 1-2 cm height.
      • Drill a blind hole and the lamp with a mounting spring insert. Then fold the spring, done. However, it takes about 5 cm space to the right and left next to the lamp and is visible.
      • Drill a blind hole in which the Light itself jammed. You do not have to deal with extra height and in addition to the lamp is nothing disturbing to see. This is perfect for pretty showcases and shelves.

Way too complicated? Then simply call our specialist advice. The contact details can be found below.

What types of furniture lights are there?

Roughly speaking, there are:

      • Furniture lamps
      • mounted spotlight
      • Under cabinet lights
      • Furniture-mounted luminaires

You need details? Here you go:

Furniture lamps are extremely inconspicuous in design and practically disappear in the wood. But technically, the wall flowers put in neat. They produce the same atmospheric effect as their colleagues, the surface-mounted spotlights and furniture-mounted luminaires.

mounted spotlight are mounted on furniture – as the name implies. They put books, sculptures and whatever else you want to present so atmospheric in scene. Simply a great ambient light.

Under cabinet lights Best place in the kitchen. After all, your work surface should be optimally lit. Often it is not, however, if wall cabinets of the ceiling light are in the way. Then it is best to use cabinet cabinets for a clear view of vegetable snipping. Tip: If you just like it, think about sticky LED strips. These hardly develop heat and are perfectly suitable as furniture lights.

Furniture-mounted luminaires are mounted on or on a piece of furniture. Not in it. Therefore, you do not disappear in the closet, but take separate space. What they do: They light up the darkest corners and create an appealing mood light.

Which lighting technology is suitable for furniture luminaires?

Surely this answer does not surprise you: Of course, LED is the lighting technology of choice. The benefits are quite simple. To name just a few:

      • LED bulbs save 60% electricity compared to halogen bulbs. 90% compared to incandescent lamps.
      • LEDs are switching-resistant and can often be switched on and off without any problem.
      • LEDs only become limp in operation at approx. 50,000 hours. Halogen lamps already after 4,000.

In which rooms are furniture luminaires used?

In principle, wherever there are furniture. From the basement to the attic. Some ideas:

        • In the kitchen: as under cabinet lights
        • In the bedroom: to lighten the wardrobe or to put the bed in an atmospheric mood
        • In the living room: to dip the display case and bookshelf in an appealing ambient light
        • In the children’s room: to make the toy shelf of the little ones even more inviting.

Do I have to connect furniture lights to the mains?

You have the choice: Socket or battery. So if you want to do without cable clutter – please, very much: choose a model with battery. Or would you prefer to rely on the electricity grid? Also good: choose a suitable model. Just look for it in the article description.

Do furniture lights go on by themselves?

If you want, yes. Namely with motion detector. But also manually by switch, they can be operated. Practically, motion detectors are always. Because if you want to quickly grab a matching T-shirt from the closet, he receives you directly with light when you open it. Even the nocturnal, thirsty walk to the tap in the kitchen becomes more comfortable. If you come around the corner, it will be directly lit. Simply practical.

Do I have to pay attention to a fire protection marking?

Until a few years ago, you still had to pay attention to the fire protection symbol “M”. This is the only way to guarantee the safe operation of furniture luminaires – provided they have been properly installed. Today this looks different with the labeling. It is no longer necessary. If you have any questions about whether your chosen lamp is really suitable for your furniture, just ask our specialist advice.