Glass pendant lights : Pictures, Ideas

Glass pendant lights : Pictures, Ideas

So much more than a transparent sphere!

Who at Pendant lights with glass lampshades Thinking about something fragile, although it is right in the industry, but ignores it Value for the institution, Because glass pendant lights are simple elegant, fantastic beautiful – and bright! Because with many pendant lights made of glass, the light can radiate unhindered in all directions. And honestly, what is the probability of smashing the glass ball in any kitchen, living room or dining room with any metal pipe?

How high do I hang a pendant lamp with a glass shade over the table?

Normally you hit with the teaspoon against a glass, if you want to bring out a toast. But please not against the glass of the hanging lamp! But that’s exactly what happens when you hang the pendant light too low. But it must not hang too high, otherwise it’s there with the cozy atmosphere at the dining table.

The bottom edge of a pendant should be 60-80 cm above the table top are located. That offers enough space for heads who are eagerly leaning over the spaghetti pot good view on the opposite and ensures one beautiful light area around the dining table. So should be a successful evening in the pendant light!

How do I clean a glass pendant lamp?

It is not bright in the room! Is the bulb broken? Or the light switch? Quick turn on and off – again nothing. Take a closer look. If you notice a thick layer of dust on your beautiful glass lamp shades: Sorry, the light can be as bright as it wants – it stays dark.

Pendant lights with glass shade are beautiful. And to stay that way you can regularly give them one easy care and cleaning send. Do not worry, it’s really not difficult and you do not have to keep any appointments for it. A good basic cleaning is already like this:

  • Light via fuse (circuit breaker) de-energize, Check this again with a 2-pole voltage tester.
  • Light completely let cool down,
  • For glass crystal lights, a special cleaner is also recommended – please note the information on the packaging here.

After cleaning, turn on the light again. And? Is not it the same? much brighter and more beautiful in the room?

Give me an insight into the variety of glass pendant lights! You’re welcome.

I do not want a simple, clear, round lampshade like a hundred years ago, you say? Oh, you do not? Then we have good news for you: Glass is trendy, For many years.

So much the trend that you will find a selection of pendant luminaires with glass shade that can compete with all other materials. Because glass is flexible. You can always do it in new ones to form bring, bulbous. conical. flat. structured like a honeycomb, corrugated or glassy, And with others materials as cork. Wood. Textile and of course metal combine. Some lighting designers are moving stylistic with copper colors rather in the VintageLook. Others design colorful glass screens in the Retro-Style. And still others conjure a lamp in the rustic with smoked glass Country-style,

Which illuminant works best in the glass pendant luminaire?

Glass umbrellas that you can look through are nice and good. But do not I see the bulb? And then such an energy saving spiral or such a dull piston with ballast …

Stop! Before you think ahead – let us briefly the filament lamp imagine. This is a modern LED and brings all the advantages of this lighting technology with it:

  • Save energy
  • long lifetime
  • switching durability
  • immediately 100% brightness
  • Compatibility with common sockets

The most important thing is: the lamp looks like a light bulb, With filaments and nice warm-looking light. Perfect for a glass hanging lamp, right? Have a look at some of them in the shop.