LED interior lights  Ideas That Will Inspire You

LED lights: long live the modern age!

Switching from conventional light sources to LEDs is the same as switching from VHS to DVD: it’s simple unavoidable! But mourning lamp & Co. does not mourn. At least not once you’ve seen a real, high quality LED live. Best directly in one LED light, which comes along with permanently installed LED lighting technology.

Because such a LED lamp looks a lamp with bulky incandescent lamps no longer similar. Your design is modern, nearly futuristicbecause the light source itself seems “invisible” (at least, if you’re used to protruding, glowing glass bulbs). You like a lamp with a turn-out bulb but much better? Your right Our recommendation: Screw an LED lamp into your favorite lamp and use it all Advantages of modern LED lighting technology,

Because not only the optics a LED light convinced, but also their value in things environmental friendliness and – Cost savings! And nobody says no, right?

What are the advantages of LED lights?

Everyone is talking about LED. And that has it’s reason. Because there was a lighting technology like the LED never before! It may have been since the invention of the light bulb in 1879 most innovative development in the lighting industry. And absolutely modern! Because it corresponds to a modern understanding of lighting: the LED covers the demands lighting comfort as well as one environmentally conscious thinking,

And at the end of the development of the LED is far from it. In the smart home lighting, their qualities really come into their own.

But what are they now Qualities and advantages? Well, these are:

    • High energy savings up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps
    • Environmentally friendly lighting thanks to high light output (a few watts at high brightness)
    • No lamp replacement required thanks to a long service life of up to 50,000 hours
    • Immediately 100% brightness and no switch-on delay as with energy-saving lamps
    • mercury-free and thus also z. B. suitable for the nursery
    • Light quality according to individual preferences from warm white to universal white to daylight white
    • Good to very good color reproduction from Ra 80 or higher z. B. for the dining table lighting
    • New designs thanks to compact, “invisible” light source

How do you find the right LED light?

The advantages of LED lighting technology convince you all around? How could they not? LED lights already have in all areas enforced where lighting is used. So almost everywhere! The next question is: Where exactly do you want to use LED lights? Whether you are looking for a cozy basic lighting for the living room or a bright area lighting for the home office: Find everything with us!

This is made possible by the Variety of different lights, So: for which mounting location (here you can use LED ceiling lights, LED wall lights, LED recessed spotlights or LED panels) or Installation Site (Here you can use LED floor lamps, LED table lamps and LED desk lamps) Are you looking for the right lamp?

Tips for every single lighting category see below:

LED ceiling lights

Rooms need one backlight, And the ceiling light has been the supplier for ages. The LED lighting technology does not change that either. But something changes then already: The constant climbing on the ladder to replace the already broken bulb. Because LED bulbs are almost maintenance-free, More Comfort anyone? Pay attention when buying dimmable LED ceiling lights. So you can decide how bright your new favorite brightness dispenser should shine.

LED pendant lights

Just hide everything else and the dining table to focus on – Of course, even if you have not been eating for a long time, but have come into the nonsense. Or the newspaper reads it. Or the dining table becomes a workplace. Because the dining table has a lot on it. And the LED pendant should play there. Tips for a Plus in comfort: one at any time height-adjustable and a dimmable Lamp. Do not feel like dealing with dimmers for the latter? Then we have another tip for you: LED pendant lights with EasyDim, Here, the dimming technology is installed in the luminaire and can be activated with any normal light switch.

LED spotlight

On single spotlight certain moves on the ceiling areas of life for example, the comfy wingback chair, which you drop onto after a hard day’s work and hide the world. Several spotlights against it on the ceiling illuminate the entire room (which is why we recommend an additional LED ceiling washer for your wing chair). The advantage of the mostly individually orientable LED spotlights: you can ensure that the light reaches every corner of your room, no matter how twisted he likes to be. Little bonus tip for one feel-good atmosphere: Sit down for a try at various favorite places in the living room and make sure that you do not look directly into one of the bulbs and get dazzled. So you find the perfect alignment all spotlights out.

LED Recessed Light

Installing a suspended ceiling, which is essential for recessed LED spotlights, may not be for everyone, but it’s worth it. Because LED recessed spotlights not only create a decent backlight (provided enough recessed light), but are also easy modern and stylish, Small tip: If LED recessed spotlights in small rooms be used, let him look bigger – because there is no light projecting into the room, which would make it even smaller.

LED wall lights

The design a modern LED light you can (almost) nowhere to admire as a wall lamp. Because attached to the wall, there is the LED light at eye level, The light is not there to show, but rather to donate a good reading light in bed? Then you have with LED wall lights a great advantage: If you have your eyes closed and you forgot to turn off the light, that is due to the long life and the economical operation the lighting technology is not much.

LED floor lamps

Of course, there is this whole classical LED floor lamps with one beautiful umbrella on one elegant frame, There are also LED floor lamps that way futuristic look like you do not suspect a floor lamp behind it. But we also want to dedicate ourselves to another LED floor lamp, which must not be forgotten, because they are so do a lot can: the LED floor lamp for the office and home office, What does it do? A huge one in big companies Reduction of power consumption, And when huge companies rely on LED, then the value for our environment enormously. You do not have a company, but you want to participate? Do that and help with LED according to your options to save energy.

LED uplight

The LED ceiling washer is the perfect light for your wing chair. There are two reasons for this: you just have to stretch out the arm and can the light per Regulator on the frame switch and dim (please check this functionality if desired, in the shop). And you have one flexible reading light, which illuminates the book pages better than any ceiling light could (also here please pay attention to the product details on a flexible reading light). On top of that (in the truest sense of the word), the LED ceiling washer emits light upwards. In order to he supports the room lighting, divides the room and makes the wing chair a true island of light. You do not have a wing chair? Alright. The LED ceiling washer is also great on sofas.

LED table lamps

What makes an LED table lamp better than any other table lamp? Is it “only” the high energy savings? The length lifespan? The beautiful, homogeneous light? Also. But that’s it too design! Because every table lamp with socket needed – a bulb with socket. So one that is similar to a rather bulky light bulb. LED table lamps do not need this. The Lighting is integrated into the design, And that allows shapes you’ve never seen before. Have you and have not been astonished by slim profiles, curved light sources and futuristic light spirals? Then you will be astonished even more in our huge selection of LED table lamps.

LED desk lamps

Brooding over books and documents until late at night? This is a whole lot easier with the light of an LED desk lamp. Was that all? No. Because LED desk lamps have a different value, which distinguishes them from all other desk lamps: The possibility of the To influence light color and brightness (please pay attention to the corresponding function in the product details in the shop). So a single lamp creates ideal, universal white light to work, And later you just switch the same lamp to relax mode and enjoy insulated, comfortable warm white lightwhere you can read and even relax without worries.

LED panel

LED panels are either in Plasterboard ceilings (with separate mounting frame) or grid ceilings (for special standard sizes) inserted. You do not have such a thing and honestly do not want it? Your right Is finally your room. But if you still want an LED panel, you can also do it like a normal ceiling light plant or depend, Why do we make such a wind for LED panel? Because they are simply stylish and turn the concept of “light” upside down. Because they differ significantly from point light sources (incandescent lamps & Co.). With an LED panel the whole area lights up, in some products with RGB function even in different colors. And the even, bright and glare-free, That makes for a large-scale lighting and – one of the most stylish lighting methods of our time. Lanechanger: For LED panels with remote Control can be controlled, the lighting method is also extremely comfortable.

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