LED ceiling lights  to Transform Your Space

So rooms are more than just bright with LED ceiling lights

To use LED ceiling lights means to turn one modern understanding of lighting to have. Anyone who uses LED ceiling lamps throws two obsolete things overboard:

  • that ceiling lights eat electricity,
  • that you have to be able to change the lighting with the lighting.

LED bulbs are the most economical bulbs on the market. Point. They are in operation 90% more efficient as light bulbs and hold up to 50 times as long,

And that with the no longer exchangeable bulbs? Is admittedly already a change. The light source is one with LED as well integral part of the luminaire like the frame or the lampshade. Today’s smartphone or tablet displays, monitors, TVs work with LED. Nobody asks if you can replace these LEDs. They are part of the whole device.

And with LED ceiling lights is not different.

Pretty modern, right? Or you should say: easy contemporary,

What are the advantages of LED ceiling lamps?

Ceiling lights are the supplier of brightness in the room. That’s what they were before the time of the LED, and it’s still today. The LED lighting technology itself, however, brings additional advantagesthat you do not know about “normal” ceiling lights like this:

  • Save 90% electricity opposite light bulbs
  • environmentally friendly light without mercury
  • maintenance-free operation without lamp replacement
  • no switch-on delay like energy-saving lamps
  • more design variety thanks to compact lighting technology

What forms of LED ceiling lamps are there?

In addition to taste, the situation in the room determines which form of ceiling light is most suitable for your lighting purpose.

Lights with round lampshade

The classic in room lighting. you distribute the light over a large area in the entire room and thus ensure good general lighting. For small rooms usually enough for a single ceiling light.

In contrast to “normal” ceiling lamps, however, you never have to worry about removing the lampshade and replacing the lamps underneath with LED ceiling lights. High quality permanently installed LEDs Maintain over 4 years of daily operation for over 30 years.

Ceiling spotlights or ceiling spotlights

Are often mehrflammig and thereby make the light similar distribute well like round ceiling lights. It is also a design technical feature.

One advantage of luminaires with flexibly adjustable spotlights is the space through the orientation of the spots structure to be able to. Or not directing certain areas directly to Avoid glare, This works especially in large rooms.

Flat ceiling lights or panels

They are especially in demand because the LED lighting technology made these flat designs possible in the first place. The entire surface of the lampshade lit by the LEDs evenly, So it has no visible points of light and “dark areas”.

LED panels barely protrude into the room and save space with itwhich makes especially low rooms look bigger. The design is also effective visually very tidy and is ideal for z. B. for the minimalist interior style.

Of course, LED ceiling lights also have many hybrid shapes, especially in the field of designer lights. The choice is huge, so you will not have a problem finding your own favorite light.

How much watts should an LED ceiling light have?

How many watts a lamp consumes has today no more information about the brightness and quality of light in general. For all LED ceiling lights: you need less power (watts) to get similar (or higher) brightness like classic light bulbs. For whom the question of brightness raises, casts a closer look at the statement lumen,

How much lumens should an LED ceiling light have?

That depends on the size of the room. Please consider: Wattage of an incandescent lamp times 10 gave approximately its lumens. So if you know how bright your ceiling light with 3 x 60 watt light bulb was, you only need to try out an LED ceiling light with approximately 1,800 to 2,100 lumens. Or he chooses a slightly brighter ceiling light and dims it down as he pleases.

Are LED ceiling lamps dimmable?

Yes, but not all. And not with every dimmer. LED technology works differently than incandescent lamp technology, so a dimming solution had to be found for LEDs first. Many LED ceiling lights and LED lights overall are today effortlessly dimmable via remote control or smartphone and without accessories  But for all other products you still need a dimmer.

Bright and loud: LED ceiling lights with speakers – the special tip!

Reggae, blues, hard rock or heavy metal? Simply the favorite music on the smartphone and via Bluetooth to the ceiling light transfer, Already you rip yourself or his friends with great sound!

Ceiling lights with speakers – sounds unusual at first, but in view of the ever more multimedia use of devices no wonder. Smartphones z. B. have replaced the MP3 player, work as a GPS, Internet browser and incidentally even as a phone. The light moves with and becomes a multimedia furniture item.

Your advantage: It is located centrally in the room, Perfect for rich sound – or more soothing sounds!

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