Low-voltage recessed downlight

Low-voltage recessed downlight

Discreet, restrained and yet fully there: low-voltage recessed spotlights

The fact that they are in the foreground, you can not say they will. Very reserved, they take with a hole in the suspended ceiling and take up little space for themselves. But performance, yes, they bring anyway. Anyone who has come to appreciate low-voltage recessed spotlights will hardly want to do without them anymore. Because for effective, functional and focused light they are simply top candidates. See for yourself.

How are low-voltage recessed spotlights installed?

The installation is not quite as easy as with an ordinary ceiling light. Anyone who has no knack for crafting should therefore turn to a specialist with confidence. This will proceed like this: into one attached blanket, which in consequence one cavity hiding behind him, he drills in without further ado hole, Exact fitting of course – the Dimensions can be found in the product details. Then the already Connection laid and the low-voltage recessed downlight elegant pressed into the hole. Finished.

What mounting depth do low-voltage recessed spotlights have?

Law compact and flat they are quite sure. That’s what makes your charm compared to a ceiling light that takes up a lot of space. When installing low-voltage recessed spotlights are the given dimensions and distances of course, mandatory. You can see these are the Product details in the shop or the practical installation instructionswhich comes with each light. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist advice at the contact details below.

Which type of protection is required for low-voltage recessed spotlights?

If you want to give your wellness oasis with free-standing bathtub and tropical shower the finishing touch, recessed spotlights are a good choice. They provide a harmonious and functional illumination of your bathroom – but only if you are sure of the adequate degree of protection respect, think highly of. Because electricity and moisture will certainly not become friends. Therefore, the low-voltage recessed downlight must Protected from moisture penetration become. By the way, not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen – keyword haze.

Which type of protection is appropriate, you should best the Let electricians judge, Because he knows that special requirements apply to the bathroom. The closer to the tub and shower, the higher the IP rating of the luminaire must be.

An overview of the different ones IP protection and what they mean, take that from you practical table:

Are low-voltage recessed spotlights operated with transformers?

Yes and always. Because they work with a lower voltage and therefore can not be connected to the normal power supply (230V). For this reason, they need a transformer or a power supply or an LED driver, which converts the mains voltage of 230V. Advantage of the so-called low voltage is that the bulbs in low-voltage spotlights usually live longer than bulbs in corresponding high-voltage lights. Tip: When mounting the low-voltage recessed spotlights, the specified minimum distance to other components must be ensured. The transformer should not be mounted too close to the luminaire due to the development of heat.

Are there any dimmable low-voltage recessed spotlights?

You want to make yourself comfortable? You can not do without dimmed brightness. And you do not have to. Even low-voltage recessed spotlights can be dimmed with the right dimmer. Important: The transformer must also be dimmed. But the dimmer must also be tuned to it.

Only a low-voltage recessed downlight? That is not enough. Do you agree, right? So why not buy the good pieces in a set, for example to ten or three. Make sense anyway.