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LED outdoor wall lights  Ideas
You’ll Love

LED outdoor wall lights  Ideas You’ll Love

The house in the best light with LED exterior wall lights

There is hardly anyone who does not have them. They provide light around the house and thus for safety and comfort. We are talking about LED exterior wall lights. Walls that can and should be equipped with them, there are many, in principle the whole house facade. Neuralgic sites in detail:

  • the wall by the front door
  • the wall at your terrace
  • the wall at your balcony
  • the wall near the basement stairs

What special features should your LED exterior wall light have, do you want to know? There is so much for your personal wish list. Pick a pen and a piece of paper – it starts:

What are the advantages of a motion detector / sensor?

So many that you should definitely have one. After all, the light should be on when you need it. This is ensured by a motion detector in the first place. That’s not all he can score with. This overview reveals more:

  • If the light does not burn all the time, save! Not only electricity, but also cash! With LED lights you save even more.
  • Permanent light in the garden is a thing of the past – your small contribution to the fight against light pollution.
  • If you need it, it’s there, the light. For example, at the front door, if you are looking for the keyhole. A plus in comfort.
  • You decide how long the light will burn once it’s on. Simply by setting the motion detector accordingly.
  • Burglars do not like light – certainly not when it comes suddenly.

What do I need a twilight sensor for?

You pass by and the motion detector ensures that the light comes on. But not when it’s bright outside. To this to avoid unnecessary light insert a twilight sensor. This measures the brightness and when it gets dimmer, it gives the motion detector free rein. Not previously.

Which type of protection should I choose?

As so often: that depends entirely on it. Namely, where your LED outdoor wall light actually hangs. At a sheltered place, where hardly any rain comes? For example on the outside wall near the terrace in the middle of a large balcony. Or at one point, where wind and weather let off steam? For example, without significant roofing on the weather side of the house above the basement rise. That’s why IP44 is sufficient in one case, and IP65 makes sense in the next.

Why should my LED outdoor wall light be dimmable?

Imagine: You are planning a romantic dinner on the terrace. A few candles are not enough for you. The outdoor wall lamp with full power, you also do not need. Then the romance would be completely flute. You guessed it: Now you need a dimmer. So you can illuminate every situation on the balcony and terrace.

Which materials are particularly suitable?

With stainless steel do everything right. The material is robust, easy-care and temperature-resistant. In addition, even not prone to corrosion. And a visual highlight is stainless steel on top of that. But aluminum and other metals are also good for outdoors. For the umbrellas usually glass or plastic is used. Here again, the personal taste comes into play.

Are there any models that radiate up and down?

What you have to worry about in advance … Should the LED exterior wall light shine upwards or better down? Or both? That would not be bad. Because with a light leakage down is for one safe step taken care of. With the light coming up you bring great productions to your house wall.

Are there solar powered models as well?

Solar is modern. Solar is environmentally friendly. With solar eliminates the electricity costs. Times when solar lights could illuminate more than just a pretty flower in the bed are over. There are already models on the market that deliver enough light between 8 and 10 hours. And without problems with motion detector and twilight sensor can be combined.

Practically, solar lights are also because: they say with you Cable salad adé. And you can install the lamp yourself – special expertise is not necessary.

Tip: For the light to shine bright and long, it has to fill up with enough sun during the day. So best to install on the sunny side. But you need them around the corner, where there is plenty of shade during the day? It does not matter. Hang the lamp quietly there and the solar module around the corner in the sun.

Are there any models with camera?

Comfort and safety are important to you? Then we have an idea. Obtain a LED outdoor wall light with camera. You will never want to miss it anymore. It’s best to have a model that shows your visitors’ videos in real time thanks to a handy app on your smartphone conjures. If the package service is unexpectedly on your doorstep, you will receive a signal from your mobile phone and can speak directly with it. Even if you are sitting in the café. And if you watch suspicious scenes, you can even alarm trigger. Actually a must-have for outdoor – as we find!

Which colors are standard with LED outdoor wall luminaires?

Granted: a rainbow of colors should not be expected for LED outdoor wall luminaires. Anthracite, aluminum, rust, bronze, copper or gold are the standard here. And rightly so. Because comparatively simple models give the light room for a special appearance in harmony with the house facade. Under the filter “color” you can browse to your heart’s content, what is there. Have fun with your ideas.

Which brands are the experts in outdoor wall luminaires?

When it comes to outdoor lighting, many homeowners will immediately think of Steinel or Philips. But of course there are many other brand manufacturers with high quality and stylish products. Simply filter for “manufacturer” and indulge in the results.