Modern garden furniture for 2019

Anyone who is looking for modern garden furniture for 2019, which does not come around some novelties. We would like to introduce to you here.


Swing beds – as the Name says – very nicely curved. Not only do they look very modern, but due to its shape is also extremely comfortable. These Are fit in every garden. They fit perfectly with the Trend in 2019, as they are very elegant. Due to their curved shape, they appear easy, beautiful and timeless. Some models have a tilt function! This makes the care more enjoyable. Such is the eye-catcher is spent in any garden! Just models made of wood look very classy and of high quality.

Sun Islands

Sun of the Islands are already very popular since some years. Although you need a bit more space in the garden, but it is also a large sunbathing and Seating area. Just gray models made of rattan are in high demand. This Material is suitable for Outdoor use, ideal as it is colorfast and weather conditions, is water-repellent, resistant. In such a island is a wonderful place to relax, read or even sleep. The sun roof is protected against excessive Sundays radiation and can stay therefore for a long time.

Lounge Seating Groups

Also Lounge Seating furniture, poly rattan is the most popular Material. Just for Lounge furniture, it is important that these look plain and boxy, so they look modern. In the last few years, has established this Trend. The most popular colors are black or brown. No matter whether in the living room, winter garden or Outdoor area; such a set well. With such a Seating group, you can beautify your garden enormously. You try it once.

What is your Trend for the year 2019? What furniture pieces may be missing, in your opinion, this year no garden?

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