LED spotlight – wallflower with great lighting effect

Highlighting something – that’s brilliant with LED spotlights. For bookworms the reading chair, for art lovers the exhibit. For such a targeted lighting a spot is enough. If you want more, you need more spots – logically. Because in combination – multi-flame – LED spotlights have enough power to to illuminate the whole room, For adequate brightness.

Visually, the LED spotlight is a wallflower – in favor of its environment. Because with its inconspicuous design and the often discreet coloring he achieved no special wow effect. But his lighting effect has it all. Great accents can be set with the strongly directed light.

What to look for in LED spotlights?

Who likes it flexible, should make sure that the individual spots rotatable and pivotable are. But that’s the case with most LED spotlights anyway. You will be flexible in terms of brightness with one dimmer, This is not self-evident – so it is best to put it on the checklist if necessary. Also in things light color LED spotlights can be flexible – that is the rarity. So also a case for the checklist. In this context, you should also ask yourself: I prefer the controller via app via smartphone or per remote Control?

Then, of course, the question arises where you want to place your LED spotlights. If it can get wet there, you should be on a reasonable protection respect, think highly of. This is necessary in the bathroom. Depending on the location and location of the attachment, another degree of protection makes sense. The wetter it can be, the higher should be the protection against moisture – defined in the second digit.

Are LED spotlights suitable for the bathroom?

Even in the bathroom, spots ensure that the environment and its inhabitants look good. Placed on the ceiling will be the whole room illuminated, over the mirror The ability of targeted lighting comes into play. Masking and shaving works so great without disturbing drop shadows. Well suited above the mirror: multi-lamp LED spotlights. In matters moisture protection you are on the safe side with degree of protection IP44 – this applies to mirror and ceiling spotlights. For the installation but please always a specialist clamp, who knows exactly what protection is prescribed where – especially in the bathroom there is a lot to consider.

With LED clear advantage

LED spotlights work – as the name implies – with LED technology. Firmly installed, strictly speaking. That is, a lamp replacement is practically unnecessary. At the same time there are huge advantages:

  • high energy saving: 90% compared to incandescent lamps
  • long life: up to 50,000 hours
  • immediate light: directly 100% of the maximum luminous flux

How many lumens do I need per m²?

That depends on how bright you want it to be. And also on which room you want to equip with LED spotlights. Roughly, you can focus on lumens:

  • Basic lighting living room / hallway: 100 lm / m²
  • Basic lighting kitchen / bathroom: 300 lm / m²

In the product details you will find Information about the luminous flux in lumens – for a single spotlight. And if there are several, the lamplight total.

Are there any LED spotlights for outdoor use?

The rosebush that blooms so great disappears in the evening in the dark? On LED Outdoor spotlight can help. Thanks to practical ground spike can such Downlighters depending on what is supposed to radiate in the garden. LED Outdoor spotlight for the wall are often provided with a practical motion sensor and let it be bright around the house when something moves. From IP44 protection, you are well advised in terms of moisture. For the floor it may like something more: IP65 can not hurt.

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