The most beautiful living ideas in the country style decorating

Close to nature: the country house style conquers the city apartment and is interpreted in a modern way with Nordic elements. But what is the reason and how is it done? On this page we show the most beautiful interior design ideas and explain which furniture and home accessories are typical for him.

Country-style furnishing

Loving nature is the order of the day – and has been in the big cities for some years! Deceleration, sustainability, retirement in the private sphere, valuable everyday objects, products from the region and the awareness of their production belong to the urban lifestyle. That’s why home-style living worlds are back in fashion. He transports all these values ??and is sociable and uncomplicated. But if you do not have nature in front of the house, you will get a piece of rural furniture into your own four walls.

Country-style furnishings – furniture and materials

The country house style is cozy, rustic and inspired by traditional shapes inspired by nature. Old farmhouse cabinets, natural wood dining tables, rattan-woven benches and chairs, leather, fur and texturally strong textiles such as cotton and linen are typical examples. Real country furniture is a great craft with turned or carved details, which you may view their age: signs of wear and rough surfaces are desired. The color palette is covered and as natural as possible. The shades of brown of these materials are combined with pastel colors and lots of white. This underlines the restrained, uncomplicated country look and makes room for beautiful country house decoration.

Country decorating: Seasonal decoration and color accents in blue and red

To the rustic furniture seasonal decoration is combined with finds from nature. The seasons are picked up in the country house style in the form of meadow bouquets in the summer or ornamental gourds and wheat in the autumn and arranged in old tin bowls or milk jugs. Especially with delicate flower deco can set great color accents and it creates a great contrast to the massive furnishings. Also in the home textiles, floral patterns are taken up in the country house style: curtains or tableclothsmade of cotton with floral decor make for feminine lightness and look inviting. Beautiful splashes of color are set with traditional patterns such as small checks or stripes. Hussen for dining chairs or the sofa are also popular. Practical: The covers can be changed quickly and achieve a new spatial effect in an instant. The typical color combinations of the country style are red-white or blue-white. To the beige and wood tones fits a strong dark blue very well. The garden view is always worth a look into the garden: clay, enamel or zinc planters are also very decorative indoors. Copper items also go very well with the country style.

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