modern living room design for small house

Living in the present: Modern living rooms score with their flexible and timeless furnishings. In contrast to the “antique” style, the modern living room is of functional elegance, yet still leaves room for a personal touch. The elements of furniture design are variable, flexible and easy to combine with each other. What sounds a bit dry, has its charm far away from a furniture store atmosphere. The photos from the gallery prove how modern living room design for small house is a cozy whole, in which the residents feel comfortable.

Modern interior design: the floor

Let’s start at the bottom – with the floor: wooden floors or floors in wood look like laminate are an optical heat donor, but even tiles – as they are often found in the modern living room – Plus: tiles have a big advantage! They are very easy to clean – with a wipe everything is gone. Especially in a household with pets, a tile floor is invaluable. If you still do not want to give up the warm feeling of being on the floor, you get a cozy textile component into the apartment with a rug.

Furniture in a modern style of living

The choice of living room furniture is also an important aspect. With a large (cuddly) sofa, together in the group with a simple coffee table – for example made of glass as in anja.p – results in a modern and attractive look. Massive wall units are good, thanks to a flexible shelving system for storage space in the modern living room. In addition, they are a great way to present small collections or accessories without them dusting it. The TV – also probably integrated into modern living room – should not move into the center of the room,

Modern home accessories: textiles and decoration

Textiles bring comfort to the modern living room. Curtains or curtains keep out unwanted glances, but should still let in brightness to immerse the modern living room in a friendly light. What the natural light can not compensate for the artificial lighting , which ideally illuminates the room evenly and gently. Indirect light from different angles creates the best feeling of well-being. Plants and flowers are also a simple way to bring coziness to the modern living room – almost every click in the gallery also shows a welcoming bouquet of flowers.

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