Nursery table lamps  Ideas That Will Inspire You

The right nursery light for every purpose

A nursery light must provide sufficient light when playing or crafting, because the eyes must not be overloaded by bad light. At the same time, a nursery lamp should also look nice and create a homely atmosphere, so that your child feels comfortable and secure. Of course this is not possible with a single lamp. With a dimmable motif lamp on the bedside table, you can ensure a cozy sleep atmosphere, an original ceiling light provides sufficient general lighting, and a bright desk lamp brings the necessary light for crafts and reading. So you have the right lighting for every occasion

Table lamps for the children’s room: color, shape, motif

Table lamps are in every room – whether children’s room, living room or bedroom – a beautiful accessory and a “mood maker”, which ensures a cozy atmosphere. In the case of children’s room table lamps, these aspects have to be matched by the color, shape and motif of the children’s wishes. For some Bob is the master builder announced, for the other Princess Lillifee. If these motives z. B. can be seen on a nursery table lamp, then this lamp is certainly high on the wish list of the children.

Safety at nursery table lamps

Basically all lights in a nursery should be as safe as possible, d. H. they should not get unnecessarily hot and should not have loose cable connections that could cause electric shock. Especially with children’s table lamps, one is always tempted to “dim” them with a cloth, so that the child is not dazzled and can fall asleep better. In this case, you should switch to a special night light because of the risk of fire instead of the normal bright nursery table lamp. This provides soft light for falling asleep and for orientation at night. Since most of these night lights are equipped with LEDs, it is also no problem to let them burn all night long. LEDs are very energy efficient and do not run the risk of becoming as hot as incandescent bulbs.

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