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Pedestal lights with motion sensor

Pedestal lights with motion sensor

A lamp with motion sensor is practical, economical and brings security

A lamp with motion detector has a number of advantages: Firstly, it is very practical everywhere, where experience has shown that people often have their hands full, for example in the entrance area. Second, it helps to save electricity and thus relieve the household budget, because it switches off automatically. And thirdly, it provides more safety, as a motion detector lamp also illuminates those approaching a property with less honorable intentions. A lamp with motion sensor is therefore definitely a sensible purchase for certain areas.

Illuminate with pedestal lights outdoor

The pedestal light, also known as pedestal lamp or pillar luminaire, is one of the smallest in the family of outdoor luminaires. In contrast to the pole or street lamp, it is only of low height (about 40-50 cm). They are therefore often found on stone or concrete bases, wall projections or patio heels. If z. B. a ground light at the roadside or in the garden of plants threatens to be overgrown, the pedestal light is a good alternative. It is not too tall and conspicuous, but big enough to stand out from the plants growing on the ground.

Combination with motion detector is handy

Combining a pedestal light with a motion detector is both practical and energy efficient. Practical, because the pedestal light always automatically comes on when the sensor perceives movements or the heat radiation of humans. So no extra light switch must be pressed. Energy saving, because a pedestal light with motion detector only burns when it is really needed. And after a certain period of time, it goes away again, so you never forget to switch off a light.