Recessed wall lights outside

Recessed wall lights – inconspicuous but effective outdoor light

The supreme discipline of recessed wall luminaires is saving space. Like all recessed luminaires, the recessed wall luminaires occupy little space, as they are built into the wall and most models are flush with the wall as well. Although this means that the luminaire body of a recessed wall luminaire is relatively inconspicuous, but not that the recessed wall luminaire as a whole remains unnoticed. The effect of their light and the importance of safety should not be underestimated.

Recessed wall luminaires as a safety factor in outdoor areas

Especially for the lighting of staircases in the garden and in front of the house wall recessed lights are often used. Unobtrusive and space-saving, they can illuminate narrow stairs and passageways safely. Recessed wall luminaires master not only the task of safety and orientation lighting with flying colors, but despite their inconspicuousness are also true masters of the ambient light. As the luminaire body recedes into the background with recessed luminaires, the light itself can come to the fore more and shine – in the truest sense of the word.

Illuminant for recessed wall light

Recessed wall luminaires can be equipped with various lamps: halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps or even LEDs. The latter are becoming increasingly popular, as they are both energy efficient and offer a wide range of light colors, which open up a variety of design options. As with all other outdoor luminaires, outdoor recessed luminaires must be provided with a high degree of protection, at least IP 44, so that no splash water or large foreign bodies can penetrate into the luminaire. Light up the danger zones in your garden with a recessed wall luminaire for outside and immerse your house in wonderful light!

Recessed wall lights offer many possibilities

Recessed wall luminaires can be used extremely varied. For example, they are ideally suited to add extra accents. Equipped with dimmable and possibly even colored LEDs, you can use Wall lights conjure up very unusual plays of light. Recessed wall lights are particularly suitable as path lights and for lighting stairs. Built-in staircases or directly into the steps, recessed wall luminaires ensure safe footing and beautiful light. The biggest advantage of recessed wall luminaires is that they take up no space and are therefore also ideally suited for narrow stairs. But aside from their practical use, recessed wall lights are always a way to create a special flair.

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