Round Sofa – Great ideas for designing a cozy sitting area

You want to create a cozy sitting area in the living room, in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the garden? Choose a round sofa! In this article, we’ll tell you how you can successfully put the modern piece of furniture into the scene. Be inspired by our ideas and create a stylish ambience inside or outside! We wish you a lot of success and have fun reading!

Round sofa looks super chic and has many practical advantages

According to the Chinese Feng Shui doctrine, round shapes bring wealth and well-being into the home. But if you do not believe in Feng Shui, you have another reason to choose a round sofa – it just looks super chic! The modern round, semicircular or S-shaped sofas, which consist of two semicircle shapes, are not only comfortable, but also create a truly stylish ambience in the room (or on the terrace) – just look at our photos to see each other to convince! Moreover, a round sofa is really practical and many people can sit next to each other – just perfect if you like organizing parties and inviting lots of people! Here we give you some modern furnishing examples, how you can design a comfortable sitting area with a round sofa yourself. Read on to find out more!

Round Sofa successfully staged – important rule

If the seating area or the round sofa is going to take a central place in the room (if you choose it for the living room, for instance), then you should follow a few simple rules to successfully showcase the modern piece of furniture. In the first place, choose furniture that follows the lines of the sofa, that is, has circular elements – e.g. oval or round coffee tables, chairs and armchairs with curved arms and backrests. Then find the perfect location for the sofa and arrange the rest of the furniture around. Round sofas are really practical and sometimes even fit in the corner of the room. Another idea is to place the sofa in front of the TV or the fireplace – so you can spend convivial evenings with your favorite people. Place chairs or armchairs, side tables and a coffee table around the sofa by following its curve to create a comfortable seating area.

Create a cozy sitting area with a round sofa

The accessories in the room (or on the terrace, in the garden) should also harmonize with the round shape of the sofa. Opt for oval or round rugs with interesting patterns that will create a happy atmosphere. The round mirrors or pictures and family photos in oval frames are also a great decoration idea for a living room with a round sofa. There are also other accessories, which you can choose – for example. round, rather than straight vases, round baskets for remote controls, newspapers and magazines. If desired, you could also change the knobs and handles of all pieces of furniture that have straight lines with round and curved ones, so that everything is matched to the smallest detail.

Round sofa: great variety of designs and models

Choosing a round sofa for indoor or outdoor use is by no means an easy task because the models and designs are really huge. That’s why we have collected some photos especially for you in this post from which you can draw inspiration for your own home. Look again carefully at what models you like most. There are both large, half-round sofas with fabric or leather upholstery that are just perfect for a cozy, circular sitting area in the living room, as well as chic rattan models that are suitable for outdoor use. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for a space-saving piece of furniture – e.g. for a compact sitting area in the kitchen or on the balcony. The round shapes also fascinate the furniture designers, who develop fascinating sofas in a minimalist, industrial or Scandinavian style – see our photos for examples.

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