Spice storage – The art of preserving aromas

Only by the right seasoning a dish gets its special taste. The decisive factor is not only which spices are used in which quantity. Of importance are also the flavor and the quality and finally the grinding of seasonings. If pepper, salt, curry powder and Co. are stored correctly, both are preserved for a long time.

Spices bring whistle in every dish

Whether fresh or dried, roughly crushed or ground to a fine powder, seasonings are indispensable in every kitchen. The trade in spices has played a significant economic role since the Middle Ages. Pepper, for example, was once so valuable that it was outweighed by gold, and even in the present time you pay a small fortune for certain ingredients such as saffron, depending on the amount. Salt, pepper, paprika and now also curry powder are among the all-round spices in German cuisine today.

Nutmeg may not be missing on many vegetable dishes because of its nutty taste. In addition, the classics of Italian cuisine such as basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary should be present in every spice rack.

The right mill elicits the taste

A big topic in seasoning and spice storage is the spice mill. A salt and a pepper mill belong in every kitchen and on every dining table. They are available both in classic conical form, for example the salt mill Paris with high-quality grinder from Peugeot, as well as in modern design language, such as the bottle small grinders of the manufacturer menu.

Other condiments such as small, dried chilies or cloves can be chopped fresh in these pepper and salt mill sets at any time. Visually, the spice mill impresses with its bottle-like shape. Thanks to the upside-down design, there are no salt or pepper left on the table.

Consequences of bad storage conditions in spice storage

Each spice is best refined when it has its full and original flavor. The fact that a spice has lost its own taste, you notice, among other things, that you must increase the amount to produce the desired taste. In most cases, the cause of the loss of taste is that the containers in which the ingredients are stored do not close or no longer close properly. Many spices also lose their aroma when stored in a warm, bright place.

Bad storage not only affects the taste, but can also be lost. Today, numerous exotic spice blends have found their way into domestic spice drawers, which cost quite a bit in total. Mostly, these spice varieties are rarely used in everyday life and are only required for certain dishes. It is all the more important for these ingredients to preserve the aroma for as long as possible so that they do not end up in the trash and have to be rebuilt at some point.

Spices store – the principles

How long a spice retains its aroma and also its flawless condition, apart from the general durability, depends on the external conditions of storage. With a suitable spice storage, the usability of a spice can therefore be significantly extended. Keeping the following storage conditions for spice storage during storage will help you to optimize the flavor shelf life for all types of spice.

The basic principles for spice storage are:

  • Store seasoning ingredients in a dry place
  • in cool storage, the aroma gets longer
  • store light-sensitive spices dark
  • Store spices in airtight containers

Freshly season with the spice mill

There is a reason why spice mills, nutmeg and mortar are so popular. Freshly ground and grated ingredients in most cases taste more intense than products offered by the industry in powder form.

Another basic rule of spice storage is: Many types of spices that are available in powder form, retain their full aroma for a short time.

Spices such as nutmeg, cloves and fennel seeds in unmilled form remain more aromatic. If they are needed in the preparation of a dish, they should be crushed, crushed or crushed immediately at the time by means of a mortar, a grater or a spice mill.

Salt and pepper mill

The classic among the spice mills are the pepper mill and the salt mill. They are used both to intensify food during cooking and to season the food during the meal.

Ideal to refine food to your individual taste, are pepper mills and salt mills, where the degree of grinding is fine to coarse adjustable.

This special comfort is offered by many salt mills, including the Salt Mill Paris by Peugeot, the manufacturer famous for its high-quality grinders. An alternative in comparably high quality, but in a modern design are the spice grinders bottle small of the manufacturer Menu.

Stockpiling in the spice rack and in the drawer

In order to quickly find spice and other ingredients in cooking and always at hand, they should be collected and kept clear. In high-quality fitted kitchens one finds for this purpose partly separate drawers, but also the good, old spice rack has long not had its day. In addition, in an open wall shelf you always have your supplies in view. The spices, however, age a little faster than in the dark.

However, especially with open spice storage in a shelving system, care should be taken that many spices and other storable foods can not tolerate direct daylight and direct air contact.

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