Table lamps with shade – an optical pleasure on many levels

Certain shelves, certain areas require an additional light source. The table lamp is a very popular product for it. The fact that this light will never cover the general lighting and thus is exempted from the requirements of such lighting products, the table lamp is an object of design. Umbrella, stand and foot can be realized as only the limits of the imagination of the respective designer pretend. The table lamp with shade is therefore part of a special product category that not only illuminates a living space but also visually enriches it.

Textile table lamps: a lighting classic among luminaire products

A table lamp with shade is one of the classic forms of lighting, as it has been found for many years in comfortably furnished living and sleeping areas on bedside tables, ledges, side tables, chests of drawers or other standing areas. The product convinces with a flawless area lighting, whereby the material of the screen is at the same time translucent and allows glare-free. In this way, an area – for example, the reading corner – is equipped by such a table lamp with umbrella with a pleasant, not intrusive, but as comfortable sensible light. This product adds a secret charm to complement the picture of a modern and classic living space.

Not only in white a pleasure: the table lamp with umbrella

A white fabric shade looks dignified and suitable for any cozy decor – this also applies to the table lamp with fabric shade. But fabric can be more than the pure white shade. It can be colored and therefore extremely modern designed or underlined in beige color a particularly secret atmosphere. Also important is the combination of the shade with the frame. Because that’s the way to really customize individual products. The stand and foot of the umbrella, for example, can be designed in addition to a simple chrome look as a white ceramic body for a particularly graceful style element or integrate the natural look of wood. For the various shelves so offers a rich repertoire of possibilities.

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