The boho style of living room

The Boho style stands for unconventional living in imperfect look that is both iridescent and natural. What was previously dismissively referred to as hippie chic by some, has been experiencing a rapid upswing in the popularity of setup since the 1990s. Find out what is behind the Boho style of living and how you can skillfully put it into practice here.

That’s what makes boho

The term boho stands for “bohemian” or “bohemian” and is based on the intellectual rebellion against the rigid bourgeoisie. It was already in the 19th century and in the middle of the movement were artists, philosophers and poets, who formed themselves into the so-called Bohème. The goal was to live a fun-loving lifestyle, which included the type of living. Houses in the countryside, shared apartments in artists’ studios, and a wild and colorful mix of decor spoke exactly the language of the Bohemians. They were inspired by the Bohemian Gypsies, who traveled in colorful carriages across the country and thus angered many a bourgeois Stiffhans. This explains the name Bohemian, which is “unconventional” and at the same time “

The hippies of the 60s and 70s took up the boho style, because this was exactly their idea of ??a free way of life, which took place far away from any convention. Therefore, the style was sometimes called Hippie Chic – until it was rediscovered and popularized by some artists about two decades ago.

So if you’re a free spirit who likes casual style and a different style of living, Boho Chic may be for you.

The boho style lives from decoration and home textiles

A lot of decoration and cozy, colorful home textiles are just as much part of the Boho style as the influence of foreign cultures. Soft pillows , fringed rugs and cuddly blankets in pretty colors are an absolute must. As a carpet, for example, a Persian with oriental patterns is very popular and really suitable for boho furnishing style. In general , folkloric elements and ethnic patterns are simply “bohemian-like”, as are home textiles made of patchwork or batik.

The preferred primary colors are earthy tones – such as brown, beige, olive or kaki – which are then complemented by cheerful colors – such as violet, burgundy, sunflower yellow or turquoise blue. But they should not be too dark. Even if it all sounds very colorful: The Boho Style would like to have a harmonious overall picture. Therefore, you should exercise a bit of restraint in the color choice of your decorating ideas and mix a maximum of four contrasting colors within a range.

In the decoration with accessories are many animal representations, some of which should associate a certain meaning. For example, the elephant stands as a symbol for positive energy and loyalty – or birds for the epitome of freedom. Wooden display figures or plush animal representations are therefore an adequate decoration idea.

Extra tip: Crafting and making your own is a must when it comes to boho chic. Natural materials like natural textiles, wood, velvet, leather and rattan or basket are generally used.

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