The chandelier with shade – a representative room element

Under a chandelier is usually understood a monumental work of art, as it is otherwise found only in the noble houses of our world. In many cases one imagines golden arms and a lush crystal hanger. This does not have to be any different with a chandelier with a shade, because although the fabric shade adds a special detail, it is only the fusion of a striking frame with the luminaire head attached to it which constitutes the true visual value of the chandelier. In this way, representative room elements for smaller and larger rooms are created – in villa and private apartment.

Intoxicating light with a chandelier with umbrellas

A chandelier equipped with umbrellas creates a special kind of lighting that is ideal for cozy spaces. The use of textile umbrellas is pleasing and comfortable and also ensures that the light of the bulbs does not dazzle. At the same time, however, the screens of such a chandelier are so translucent that you can provide with such a product for proper lighting of the respective premises. But it is obvious – not only because of the history of the chandelier itself – that a chandelier with a screen is not only used to produce light, but that the product also gains a representative value through its design and monumentality. In a living room or bedroom, but also, for example, a pleasantly furnished reception room, the chandelier with umbrella can fully exploit its features.

The chandelier with umbrella – an individual and representative work of art

Fabric is individual – it can be clean white or passionate red, decorated with borders and decorated with motifs. This individuality is used by the chandelier with shade to be used as a particularly prestigious lighting product. It also depends very much on the mix of screen and frame. A chandelier with beige fabric umbrellas in combination with a golden frame looks particularly noble, a product with white frame and equally white umbrellas particularly dignified and a black frame with dark umbrellas particularly exciting. Depending on the room, the chandelier with screen can be used to add an element that not only fills a room with light, but also complements or perfects it with a representative, independent room element.

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