Wall lamps modern country style

Wall lamps in a modern country house style – always welcome in the big city

For a long time now he has not stopped in front of modern townhouses. The speech is of country style. Not the old-fashioned country house style, which you know from old farmhouses. But a modern version of the country stylewho with modern, Nordic elements plays and does not need to hide even in the big city. A tip for starting in the new style: Since sconces are placed in the directly visible area at eye level, you should not be missing, if you set up comfortably in the country house style.

What distinguishes the country house?

coziness and with nature make it, the modern country house style – combined with clear structures and trendy accessories really top. And that the modern country house style without materials like Solid wood, ceramics, glass and iron does not get along, is a clear case. Let yourself be inspired.

How high should a wall light hang?

You should avoid one thing: that one look directly into the bulb can and so on blinded becomes. A light outlet up or down is therefore a good idea for sconces: Mounted in the upper third of the wall – about at eye level the observer – one looks at the lamp and not at the lamp. This creates a pleasant indirect light, which fits in perfectly with the cozy country house style.

Good to know: Wall lights that do not dazzle, no matter from which perspective there are of course. With frosted shade for example. Because this covers the lamps so that no glare can arise – and hardly diminishes the brightness.

How is a wall light installed?

You know, she should not dazzle. Accordingly, wall lights are to be mounted so that you can not look directly into the light source from below or from above. Hang it best about 5 cm above eye level on, then it does not dazzle. Mounting heights from 1.70 m to 1.80 m are common.

For the assembly itself please note the Specifications and safety instructions in the respective instructions for use. The best way to leave the installation of a professional Electrician make. Because yours security Of course, comes first.

Are white wall lamps in country style announced?

Country house and the color white go hand in hand, very clearly. The material is there ceramics downright on. Fits very well in pretty Cottage Kitchen, But also looks in Living and dining room very appealing – especially in cheeky combination with vintage pieces of wood. What is also great about the theme country house in white, is Glass in alabaster look, Also a bright tone, which can be perfectly integrated into the romantic country house style.

Are there country house ceiling lamps also with switch?

Right at the light via pull or toggle switch provide light – that would be nice? That works, no problem at all. In the shop you can Filter “with switch” just tick with “yes” and see what the country house world is all about.

Are there also wrought iron wall lamps in country style?

If you think about Villa, you would like to rustic, antique Open guns? Wrought-iron wall lights almost come to mind. If you want to look for it, give the Term “wrought iron” but just in ours search and get inspired. There are really pretty wall sconces that fit perfectly in the modern, urban country house apartment – and of course in the rural farmhouse with country charm.

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