Wall lights made of copper and brass for outdoor use

Copper and brass outdoor wall lights are part of the garden or the entire outdoor lighting. As well as pedestal lights, path lights and pole lights they provide security around the house and are handy helpers when the garden and the driveway at night in the dark. Copper wall sconces and brass sconces will make your home shine in new splendor and keep burglars away. Because illuminated houses are demonstrably less often the target of burglars.

Copper and brass wall lights – different materials for wall lights

Outdoor wall lights are available in a variety of designs and are made of different materials: stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. Copper wall sconces are particularly popular for outdoor use because copper is a very durable precious metal that is easy to process and corrosion resistant. Resistance to moisture and high temperature fluctuations have top priority for wall lights. Copper is one of the first metals that humanity has come to know and processed, and with its characteristic coloring, still gives products such as copper wall lights a particularly classy appearance. Also brass, a golden alloy of copper and zinc, is popular for the production of wall lights.

Motion detector – the energy-saving variation for all wall lights

Choosing a copper wall sconce or brass wall sconce combined with a motion detector can save you energy because the light will only turn on and consume power when it’s really needed. An even more power efficient solution for copper and brass wall lights is the use of LED bulbs as bulbs. Environmental awareness and excellent looks are not mutually exclusive with copper wall sconces and brass wall sconces equipped with motion detectors and / or LEDs; on the contrary, they complement each other perfectly.

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