Wall lights with crystal Ideas To Try

Wall lights with crystal – for sensational sparkle effects

A little bit pageantry may it be, right? With pleasure also with sensational funkeleffects! Which material would be better suited than this? crystal? And so that it immediately catches the eye, at best at eye level – to the adornment of one wall light, A nice, warm lighting mood as well as pretty Light and shade scenarios on the wall you are sure. So get your hands on the crystal wall lamp.

Do sconces with crystal match the antique style?

As if they were one long gone era spring, would you like to have your wall light? Crystal fits perfectly as a design element. That’s how you feel as in the Sissi castle – Pure nostalgia is guaranteed. Tip: Just in combination with gold tones Crystal wall lamps are particularly well integrated into the antique interior.

Should I set LED for crystal wall lights?

The modern LED technology has like that many advantagesthat you just can not get past it – even if the crystal wall lamp looks so antique. Compared with the light bulb profit from:

  • one energy savings from 80-90%
  • one 50 times higher lifespan
  • up to 50,000 hours of pure light
  • one excellent heat management
  • The possibility more compact designs

How do I turn on crystal wall sconces? There is indeed various possibilities – Which one do you like best?

  • over one wall switch
  • over one Switch directly on the light
  • over one Switch on the supply cable
  • over a remote Control (you can also do that Function “multicolour” control, if available)

Tip: In the shop you can over the Filter “with switch” decide what suits you best.

How are crystal wall lights to be cleaned?

A dry cleaning is definitely enough: just dust and dirt with a feather duster to deal with, done. If you like that regularly You do not need to worry about stubborn dirt on the plan. Tip: Caution is advised when wet cleaning. Keep your fingers away from wall lights. Not that the sprayed-on cleaning spray runs down the wall and you have to renovate earlier than planned. If you want to clean it with a damp cloth, please always remember: be sure to switch off the light and fuse first – for your safety.

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