What you when buying rattan garden furniture should pay attention

When buying rattan garden furniture there are – as with the purchase of all furniture for the garden – a lot. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the most important points to your attention. Before you buy the garden furniture made of poly rattan, you should clarify very General things. It is easiest to make in advance about the following questions:

  • How big are the pieces of furniture are supposed to be, anyway? This depends, of course, decisive of the available space. Measure your balcony or terrace, carefully and be mindful of how much space you need to Run or for setting Up a grill etc.
  • How many persons are to be found on the garden furniture? This determines, of course, the size of the furniture and you should consider whether the furniture is to only offer for you, your family, or for additional visiting space.
  • How big is my Budget? Here, you should not take. Many providers advertise with rates of payment for shopping. This is what we would recommend. In the case of installment payments, you lose fast the Overview and can fall in a debt trap. Try to think in advance how much money you have available and make sure you keep your upper.
  • Now the question of the right Material. We are now working on the assumption that you have already decided for poly rattan. Otherwise, we recommend you to seek about the different materials, even information. Only if it is clear, which claims the pieces of furniture should be and what do you expect, you can opt for a Material. The best way to compare the types of materials simply on our side.

If these questions clearly, then you should when buying rattan garden furniture, pay attention to the following:

  • Make sure it has a good processing quality. These can be recognized by a uniform coloration of the fiber strands with a constant thickness.
  • Make sure that the fiber strands to have a sufficient thickness, so that they can carry several people.
  • Make sure that the Seating surfaces are upholstered. As poly rattan to heat up quickly in the sun, should be padded all surfaces that come in contact with the skin, to prevent burns.
  • Pay attention to environmentally friendly production. This is indicated by various certificates and eco-labels. If anything is unclear, you can address the manufacturer or the seller.

If you pay attention to these points, you will have with your garden furniture from Polyratten for a long time and you will not regret the purchase.

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