Why LED lamps are the best choice for
  your lighting

Why LED lamps are the best choice for your lighting

Are LED lamps the light source of the future? No. They are that Bulbs of the present, And that for quite a long time.

Those who still use incandescent lighting today waste 90% of their money on electricity. With halogen lamps it is 60%. At least 10% of energy-saving lamps.

Luckily, that can be done quickly – and above all uncomplicated! – to change.

Are LED lamps expensive?

Yes, they are slightly more expensive than incandescent lamps & Co. But only in the purchase. And these costs are fast. This has to do with the fact that LED lights come on same brightness less power consume (in watts). Correctly recognized: Due to this higher light output, the wattage of LEDs hardly plays a role anymore.

How much do LEDs really save?

    • 90% compared to incandescent lamps
    • 60% compared to halogen lamps
    • 10% compared to energy saving lamps

That’s not so much compared to an energy-saving lamp? Right. But LED lamps are mercury-free, do not need much time to reach 100% brightness – and simply make beautiful, homogeneous light.

Is LED light bright and cold?

If you like it, yes. If not, then not. Because “bright” and “cold” have something with the To do light quality. And you select yourself for LED lamps:

I do not want a bright light

“Brilliant”, so too bright light is prevented by using a light bulb adequate brightness chooses. This measures with LED lamps namely not in watts, but in lumens. You can not imagine how bright 400 lumens are, or even 4,000? Then get started with this simple rule:

Bulb wattage times 10 gives approximately the lumen value your LED lamp needs to have.

I do not want a cold light

The fact that an LED lamp shines too cold will prevent you from choosing the right light color. You can find them under the item “Light color” in the article details.

Warm white (below 3,300 Kelvin) is beautiful reddish and “warm”, For those who still know: That’s the same as with the light bulb.

Universal White (from 3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin) is neutral white and pretty “factual”, That makes it perfect for working. Because you do not want to be too comfortable, but not too sober.

Daylight white (over 5,300 Kelvin) has nothing to do with warm sunlight. On the contrary, it has mostly blue parts. That really works “cold”, but has in basements u. Ä. its advantages.

Are LED lamps dimmable (like the light bulb)?

You want dimmable light, because after all you want to create a nice atmosphere in the living room in the evening with dimmed light? We understand. And you can of course also with LED lamps. However, that is not every LED lamp dimmable, Fortunately, dimmable LED bulbs are labeled as such and listed in the separate “dimmable LED bulbs” category.

How can I retrofit LED lamps?

Basically every light, which has a socket, with LED bulbs upgradeable, Because for the most common versions, there are recently LED alternatives. Take a look at the frame of your favorite hanging lamp. Do you see a screw thread there? Then it is certainly an E27 or E14 version. And in this version fits all E27 or E14 LED lamps. Because they have (just like incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps) one standardized socket, And he always fits in with them too standardized version,

Which LED lamp replaces a 100 watt bulb?

This is best done according to the lumen number. Depending on the quality and production of the LED lamp, their power consumption, ie the consumption in watts, and their luminous efficacy, ie the lumens generated with it, differ. At Lampenwelt.de the line “comparison value (W)” in the product details, On your lamp is “maximum 100 watts”? Then it is best to choose a lamp that is up to the maximum Comparison value 100 watts equivalent. An R7s halogen lamp with 100 watts, for example, replaced by an R7s LED lamp with about 14 watts.

Yes, the remaining 86 watts you really save on!

How long do LED lamps last?

LEDs are holding up to 50,000 hours, That makes for a daily use of 4 hours over 34 years, So sit back and relax with LED light and do not worry about when you need to dispose of it.

How do I dispose of LED lamps again?

LED bulbs are disposed of (as well as energy saving lamps) not about the trash, While energy-saving bulbs do not belong in the trash because of the mercury, LED bulbs have many electronic parts. As a result, LED lamps are electronic waste and are at one collection disposed of.