Magazine rack and bookshelf That Catch An

Magazine rack and bookshelf That Catch An Eye

Reading is a pastime that still pleases many people in the age of digitization. So you can always enjoy your favorite reading, set up your own reading corner, including a stylish magazine rack and bookshelf.

We now take in a lot of information via digital channels. Each renowned newspaper maintains its online channel and can communicate the latest breaking news without great delays, while for almost all books electronic variants are now available, which can be conveniently loaded on the e-book reader. However, many people do not want to miss reading texts that were printed on paper in the classic way. Whether the newspaper in the morning, the favorite book in the evening or the reading of the favorite magazine – real bookworms prefer the printed word.

To make it really comfortable with the selected reading material, you can set up your own personal reading corner at home. This not only includes comfortable furniture and good lighting for ideal light conditions – the right amount of order is also very important. Because almost everyone knows the situation: Once the newspaper left carelessly, she quickly gets into the trash.

To counteract this, it is advisable to purchase suitable newspaper stands. On the other hand, to keep books clean, a bookshelf is the right choice when setting up your reading corner.

Magazine rack: Order for the reading corner in a stylish design

Clear! For a newspaper rack, many people first of all see the purely functional benefit in the foreground. However, such an accessory can certainly come up with optical stimuli in order not to act like a clumsy foreign body in the device. Manufacturers such as Lind DNA also see supposedly inconspicuous accessories such as magazine racks as design products and offer storage options for magazines and magazines that complement every reading corner.

The container or magazine holder Lind DNA, for example, convinces with clear shapes and a slim design that never seems intrusive. Lind DNA is also suitable as a space-saving version for books, if there is no space for a whole bookshelf and the own literature collection manageable.

The magazine magazine of Konstantin Slawinski, which not only presents itself in a colorful way, but also gives the opportunity to put the current reading over the roof as a particularly creative magazine rack, if you have to interrupt your reading session. Practical, considering how annoying it is, if someone strikes the put-aside magazine when cleaning up and the current page has to be searched again. In this way, functionality and attractive appearance are ideally combined.

However, Korbo’s wire baskets come in handy, but they hold a large number of magazines and can be placed perfectly next to the reading chair.

Keep an eye on your reading material in the magazine rack

At every newspaper stand, both by Lind DNA and by Korbo or Konstantin Slawinski, the basic principle is that magazines should offer themselves to the eye of the beholder despite all order. Modern storage options for magazines never completely obscure the view of the stowed printing units.

The Collator newspaper rack by radius design goes even further, offering individual compartments for each magazine. Collator makes it possible to have flexible fan widths with an aluminum safety frame, so that magazines can be inserted into the compartments either flat or simply rolled over. In this way, every reader will quickly find the document of his choice without a complicated search.

The right bookshelf for your reading corner

If real bookworms want to set up their own reading corner, then a bookshelf for the private library is an absolute basic feature. Modern design furniture looks elegant and presents your literary collection in an appropriate and appealing way. As in many areas of a modern home decor, the development is also in the bookcase rather towards a streamlining.

Modern versions are usually held as simple as newspaper rack as simple as possible and visually behind the books. Exemplary for such a design is the Booksbaum bookcase by radius design, in which the shelves are barely noticeable and the stowed books seem to float downright on the wall or in the room. This bookshelf is available in a freestanding version, which is perfect for installation next to a comfortable reading chair. As a space-saving storage space on the wall, the bookshelf Booksbaum can also be mounted hanging. Of course, models such as the booksbaum and magazine rack can also be used as a shelf for other things: CDs or DVDs are also displayed there outstanding.

Setting up a reading corner: It depends on the equipment

Magazine racks and bookshelves are two vital elements if you want to set up your reading corner. However, to create a perfect ambience of coziness, the right furniture is just as important – especially a cozy seating is important. By default, this is the sofa in the living room. However, there is always lively passage in this room, which hinders the necessary rest. Anyone who wants to be undisturbed while reading and wants to design their reading corner a bit apart, maybe even in their own room, is well advised with a comfortable armchair. Comfortable seating is available from Fatboy.

The right ambience in your reading corner

A harmonious atmosphere is the alpha and omega if you want to set up your perfect reading corner. Whether a stylishly designed bookshelf or magazine rack in many variants, a targeted lighting and relaxing pieces of furniture – everything must form a harmonious unity. Your private library will look its best in a bright ambience, which is why you should opt for rooms with bright wall colors.