Why LED recessed spotlights are the key to the perfectly room

LED recessed spotlights reduce lighting the essentials. A glowing spot in the ceiling. That’s not a design yet. But you can make design out of it. In Their Rooms.

Ideas on how to use recessed LED spotlights are endless.

  • Whole rooms become light.
  • Arranged in series, a path is pointed.
  • The farthest corners finally get light.
  • Low ceilings and sloping roofs can finally be used to attach a lamp. And finally, this does not make the room smaller than it already is.
  • You can also create impressive islands of light.

And unlike halogen spots you do with the economical LEDs also something for purse and environment.

What to pay attention to with LED recessed spotlights?

“What exactly do I intend to do?” You should think about that a little bit at the beginning. Preferably, if you build or renovate. After all, using retro-fitting luminaires could be a bit more complicated. And where complicated begins, the fun usually stops.

Make a distinction at the beginning between two goals:

  • the comprehensive Lighting a room
  • or the targeted Accentuate

in the first case you need many LED recessed lights. Best of all set or more. in the second case are Single Spots the right choice.

Recessed lights in a set

If one assembles in one or more string on the ceiling. Respectively in it. The individual spots are mostly here fixed, in other words, they can not be rotated or swiveled afterwards. You do not have to, because this is about one comprehensive room lighting.

And all without typical ceiling lights.

More specifically, the recessed lights take over the function of quite a few small ceiling lights.

And the saves space on. Especially with low ceilings or small rooms, LED recessed lights are more like a part of the room and not like an extra light. The Space is much bigger, as he is.

And there with everything lights anyway balanced lighting Being as a single, central luminaire, LED recessed luminaires create a truly balanced lighting concept.

Single Spots

Do you mount where you want to create a new light island? Or where one special object in the room should be staged. A vase or a reading chair for example.

The vase or the armchair would fit a bit further to the right, but the spotlight is already fixed? Then you should start from the beginning rotatable and swiveling Put emitters. They are after assembly still with millimeter precision aligned.

What differentiates LED recessed spotlights from halogen recessed spotlights?

The difference is in the Lighting technology. And in it, what the lighting technology causes.

For LED recessed lights speaks the Energy savings of 60% in comparison to the halogen lamp. Furthermore to shine LEDs up to 50,000 hours. This LED recessed downlights are almost perfect maintenance-free (and who else has climbed the ladder every few months to change twenty halogen spotlights in the hallway will never want to have anything other than LED).

So that you choose the right LED recessed spotlights and do not get annoyed afterwards, here are some Things to look out for:

The Energy efficiency class. Starting with energy efficiency class A, we start saving. The more plus behind the A, the better. But LED recessed downlights do all save.

The Light color. With halogen lamps you did not have to pay attention, because it was always warm white. Warm white (around 3,000 Kelvin) for living rooms including bathroom is the right choice. And even if it can sometimes be annoying to look at the products, whether the light color is right: Do it. Before you then in the living room a bluish daylight white beams, in which they flee rather than stay.

The Color reproduction. Ra> 80 is minimum, otherwise colors are rendered unnatural. If you use LED recessed lighting as a pendant replacement in the dining room, you will immediately notice a poorer color reproduction. What is being served there simply looks different. The more the color rendering is in the hundreds (or one hundred), the better. Especially if you have previously used halogen lamps. Because of them, you were always spoiled with a color rendering of Ra 100.

Which LED recessed lights are in the bathroom and kitchen?

In bathroom and kitchen, the lights (if necessary) in Contact with moisture come. Therefore, you have to make sure that the lights then meet the right requirements in terms of water resistance.

So look up at the IP protection! The bathroom depends on the protection areas. In most cases, at least IP44 (splash-proof) is required. In the shower or bathtub area, the requirements are higher. In the kitchen IP20 lights are sufficient in the room, except in the sink area. Here is IP44 or higher announced.

How do I install LED recessed spotlights?

First, you need one Ceiling. And because you always have to make a hole for a recessed light, you need one Cavity. To offer such a suspended ceilings. Now put that connection and push the light into the hole.

What sounds pretty simple, however, can be quite stressful for the layman. Honestly, are you counting yourself? You do not have to tell us, do not worry! But we strongly recommend that installation then by an electrician allow.

Your security is the most important thing to us!

How much lumen does an LED recessed light have to produce?

How bright do you want it to be in your room? And how many recessed lights do you use for this? As you can see, how many lumens you need depends on you. And the Application.

On approximate picture of the required brightness Here’s what you can do: Imagine how many incandescent (conventional, not halogen) lamps you would need to light the room or create a light island. Three times 60 watts? Then you need around 2,400 lumens in the room. Five times 40 watts? Then 2,000 lumens are a good guide. Many LED recessed lights generate about 400 lumens. That’s equivalent to a 40-watt bulb.

Do LED recessed lights need a transformer?

That depends on the product. Some LED recessed spotlights have already integrated the drivers in the luminaire and therefore do not require an additional driver. They can be connected directly to the 230 Volt mains. But there are also LED recessed lights that need to be powered by an external LED driver.

Are there LED recessed luminaires with a low installation depth?

A suspended ceiling always means to slightly reduce the space. So if you look for one low suspended ceiling decides, you have a bigger room, but less space for the light. Then it can be too narrow even for such a flat light as the recessed spot. Sometimes the insulation starts after a few centimeters. Here you should Recessed luminaires with low installation depth use. From a low installation depth one speaks already from 3 cm. The information on the installation depth can be found in the product details of the respective product.

But Danger: Although LEDs are no longer hot (their heat development can be described as lukewarm). But you should not install them directly in the insulation. The accumulation of heat drastically reduces the life of the LEDs.

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