Why plants in the apartment – 
  indoor plants for apartments

Why plants in the apartment –  indoor plants for apartments

Not only in Winter, when the dry heating air, and our own ventilation laziness us the breath to take, at any other time of the year are plants in the apartment is a more than good idea. On the one hand, plants are great to decorate the apartment to be unusual and with few resources. On the other hand, they are, however, particularly with regard to our own health, our best friends.

Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. And oxygen-rich air takes us, for example, the fatigue. A lack of oxygen supply in the body is also the reason why we Yawn. Plants, however, clean the ambient air of the Breathing changing air compositions. But not only we ourselves change the quality of the air in the room. Also, painted furniture, carpets and home textiles can have a negative impact on the air in the room. Adhesives, paints, and other, in an apartment indispensible materials do not contain rare chemicals, which is our well-being, reduce. In severe cases, these “dirty” room can make air even sick. In the United States as the Sick Building Syndrome has become known.

Mainly affects people who spend much of their lives in closed rooms. And honestly: Who doesn’t in our modern times, where Home Office, and smart Devices belong to the everyday life? To protect yourself from the worst of these impacts, is a room design with plants is a meaningful thing. The Extra Plus: indoor plants look goodand are not expensive!

With plants of poor indoor air the fight announcements

While some plants mainly due to their decorative character, are distinguished, are often unexpected way, the plainer among them are particularly good at cleaning the air. For example, a great natural air is ivy filter. NASA has found out in 1989 in a study that ivy can break down within 24 hours 90% of the indoor air are benzene.

Any in the apartment culturable Dracaena (dragon tree), you can get rid of the same time, the room air of approximately 70% of the existing formaldehyde. The officials palm tree known green Lily on top with 86%. So if you live in older, unrenovated buildings and / or works should contact with these journeymen once.

Suitable plants for each area

Also, and especially, small apartments with few Windows to benefit from the decoration with plants. Not only the surroundings will be living with houseplants speed breathed. Also, the quality of indoor air is improved in the long term. This leads to better sleep, more even and healthier life style.

For very shaded areas around plants such as the sword fern are also suitable. Purifies the ambient air by filtering polluting particles from the air and in oxygen converts. He is also a natural humidifier. Because he needs a lot of water and regular watering, it gives off water vapor and the environment is moistened so that air.

What is always and everywhere, Aloe trees, cacti, and succulents. Also, Aloe plants are real formaldehyde-Killer and easy to care for and a natural skin care product. Here is a round is delivered, so to speak, all-round package, from the nature into the living room. Succulents and cacti need little, but regular attention.

If you now want to know about it, which plants for bright, large-scale or smaller, darker apartments to the design and to the Indoor improvement of the climate some, you can refer to specialists, the such plant in Hamburg to exactly those purposes to provide, establish, and supply. And know which type is suitable and where and what best.