Wine rack – store wine  Ideas You’ll

Wine rack – store wine  Ideas You’ll Love

Every noble drop surprises with its remarkable character. In this aromatic signature reflects the regional origin as well as the expertise and passion of the winemaker. You can experience all this sensually during the tasting, if you first store the high-quality drink properly, temper it properly, decant it and serve it in proper style. We show you the best tools for success.

Wine as a culinary journey of discovery

There are constellations in life, such as the student days, that legitimize the grip on rectangularly packed wine in the bottom shelf of the supermarket. The social pleasure or the use as an ingredient in cooking are at the moment in the foreground. On subtleties such as decanting may be waived and the young adults can confidently drink from the paper cup.

But the tide turns when first-class wines have convinced you for the first time of the incomparable richness of a fine drop. For every wine is like an impressive illustrated book that opens up panoramas of the landscape, conveys the geographical climate and provides insights into the regionally rooted culture. The grape variety, the location of the vineyard, the soil and the type of vinification are just a few examples of the many factors that affect the taste.

If you are looking for a stylish wine evening, you can treat yourself to a hike through the Mediterranean countryside, which, in bright sunshine, leads past hills with spicy herbs and fragrant lavender plains.

However, this delightful change of scenery with all its pleasant facets only succeeds if you pay a little attention to the good drop from storage to decanting to the selection of the right wine glasses.

Store wine – preserve flavors and present the bottles aesthetically

Despite the careful filling and sealing with corks, the taste of red wine, white wine or champagne can be affected by the wrong storage. So that the stocks do not have to be put in the bar pocket for relaxed moments, Michael Rösing, founder of the design brand radius design, has developed a wine rack.

The home accessory made of stainless steel not only looks aesthetically pleasing and makes it possible to bring the exclusive drinks into the limelight. Radius design’s wine rack is designed so that laypersons can intuitively take into account the most important factors when storing them. Space saving, twelve bottles can be hung thanks to the integrated bracket. This results in a horizontal position by itself, whereby the cork always remains moistened.

Even with the lying in the kitchen cabinet, it can happen that the bottles are often moved back and forth. Such vibrations do not like the alcoholic drinks from grapes. In the wine rack of radius design, the bottles can rest undisturbed until you decide for their tasting.

For a stored wine, it is more important than the level of the temperature to avoid temperature fluctuations and to maintain a certain level of humidity. Since a too dry atmosphere also contradicts the well-being of people, in living rooms mostly accessories such as humidifiers or indoor fountains are arranged. Also everyone prefers his personal, constant climate in the cozy room. Therefore, a wine rack in this environment is ideal to preserve the aromatic brilliance.

Not without reason radius design limits itself to twelve brackets. Extensive supplies or wine collections, whose treasures can mature over decades, must be stored protected from light in a suitable cellar room or in a special wine cabinet. A wine rack is always intended for the liquid delicacies you want to access in everyday life or special events spontaneously.