Tiffany pendant lights for a cozy

Tiffany pendant lights for a cozy atmosphere

The playful, floral patterns that are so typical for the glass art of Louis Comfort Tiffany, exude a special charm in every living room. Tiffany pendant lamps create a warm cosiness and put your dining or coffee table in the right light. With the choice of a Tiffany pendant light, you decide for a very special flair in your living room: The colorful glass of the Tiffany pendant lights creates a warm light, and in addition separates the beam of a pendant light the room into lighter and darker sections.

Who invented the Tiffany glass art?

The Tiffany glass art is attributed to the American painter and glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, who was one of the most important Art Nouveau artists. Inspired by this special art of glass processing, he was inspired by glasses he discovered in 1870 on one of his journeys to Pharaoh’s graves in Egypt. Nine years later, in New York, he founded the Tiffany Glass & Decorating Company and was commissioned to renovate some of the White House’s rooms.