Of Italy in the world: the triumph of The

Of Italy in the world: the triumph of The beanbag

That Italy defended in terms of Design and furniture for decades – if not centuries – of his Pole Position successfully, is an open secret. What is less well known: In Italy, also the beanbag was invented. Cozy Seating in the nursery at home as well often, such as in Lounges and beach bars in the public space. The reason is clear. The Bean Bags are easy to very cozy and invite you to Slouch. Whether on the terrace, in the hobby room or in the garden. Wherever there is a possibility of retreat, is the seat bag.

The first beanbag was in Milan

Created the first beanbag of the world under the direction of three Italian architects. Your Mission? To create a Seating furniture that adapts to similar to snow or Sand to the shape of the body and the Seats, so on the one hand, convenient, on the other hand, ergonomic. Came out of the first beanbag of the world. Under the name “Sacco”, which means “dead”, he was expelled today from Milan from around the world. The light of the world the first beanbag was born in 1979.Prototypes were filled with all sorts of materials, in order to achieve the desired comfort characteristics. Even with lead and water, the mail, experimented in Milan, architect trio Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro. Only with the characteristics of small polystyrene beads, they were then satisfied. It is a photo submitted in a country-wide, American Newspapers, to help the seat bag fame and popularity. The first models of sales, the supermarket chain Macy’s, in a big way and spread the beanbag in the United States.

Beanbags in different shapes

The coziness of the beanbag is manifested in its Form. From the beginning, the seat furniture was produced in a drop-like Form. To date, this is sacks, the most common Form of the seat. Meanwhile, Designs like bean bags in a variety of geometric shapes or inspired by animal forms are common. Are growing in popularity beanbags, the strong traditional living room furniture such as Sofa and armchair remember. They are a little more stable and give less, as classic beanbags.

Depending on the Form of bean bags can also fulfill different purposes. While the less resilient Designs can come as a chair set in a waiting room or modern office environments, the softer seat bags the usual way in the private sector. Such as a squeezy furniture set in the youth room, or as a lout corner on the terrace. One thing is for sure: Comfortable stuffed armchairs are all. In addition, they are generally easy to care for and make a lot of things.

The variant-rich world of the beanbag

There’s the seat bag cheap , or in the luxury variant is priced accordingly to buy. Depending on the use you have a free choice. There is an XXL giant bean bags for the outdoor area as well as small beanbags in stool form, for the living room. To get you in strict or muted colors as well as in a multicoloured version. Also, the Material varies depending on the demands and price range. Particularly high-quality bean bags can even be used as a Leather beanbag purchased. Depending on how and where the beanbag used to be, it is worth taking a look at different Beanbags in the comparison. Because the model in the pool house should be sure to meet other claims, as the seat sack, the need to keep a raging child.