Wall lights with motion detector

Exterior wall luminaires with motion detector: business card of the whole house

The first impression counts. That’s why your house should be in the best light in the evening when the visit is approaching. Exterior wall luminaires with motion detectors make this possible. It is perfect if the motion detector is already integrated in the luminaire. Because the advantagesthat he brings along, convince across the board:

  • More Comfort for the houseguests – never again feel for the light switch.
  • More security through visibility of paths, stairs and obstacles around the house
  • More security through one deterrent effect – Burglars do not like light. And certainly not at all.
  • The electricity bill gets smaller – because the light is only on, when it is needed.
  • The environment is spared – because unnecessary light is passé.

How are external wall luminaires with motion detectors connected?

Exterior wall lights with integrated motion detector are super practical. Because the motion detector is already there and must not yet extra mounted become. Once the luminaire is attached to the wall of the house, only one thing is missing: set the desired range of the motion detector and the duration of the light, and you’re done. Thanks to practical assembly Instructions no problem. And if you still have questions, our consultants are happy to help. Contact details can be found below.

What advantages does a twilight switch bring?

Your light must compete with the sun by no means. So that the motion detector brings the light only to shine, though not enough daylight available is, the twilight sensor is there. He registers how dark it is and releases the light only when needed. Plain language: Only when someone passes in the dark, the light goes on. In sunshine, nothing happens. But beware: If, for example, a street lamp is nearby, it may be that the twilight sensor is being tricked.

Is constant light adjustable?

Of course, there are also situations where you need or want more light around the house. Then it can be annoying when the light goes out all alone. Therefore it is convenient if your outdoor wall light can switch between motion detector mode and steady light. When buying just make sure that this is possible. Mentioned is this feature in the item description in the shop.

Does a camera make sense as an additional option? Especially in the entrance area is an outdoor lamp makes sense, which not only has a motion detector, but also a camera. Because you can via an app on your smartphone See who’s at your door. Even if you are not at home. On Noise-canceling microphone and intercom – installed in the lamp – make the small technical sensation perfect. This way, you can even talk to your guests during your holiday and arrange a better time for your next visit.

Which detection angle is optimal?

Important to know in advance: Where would you like to attach your outdoor wall light with motion detector? For the entrance 90 ° is enough. But you can also secure two walls of your home with a lamp: Simply select a detection angle of 240 ° and attach it to the corner of the house. For a house wall 180 ° are optimal. Tip: If you still do not know where to hang the luminaire, simply take a large angle of coverage and later adjust it manually via the bezel. Tip: Let’s say you want to put off Burglars with the unexpected light, in the first place. Then you should make sure that also the area directly below it is recorded. To implement this is with a so-called creep protection. It prevents the detection area from being bypassed. A special lens or a second sensor make it possible.

Tip: For example, suppose you want to put off burglars with the unexpected light. Then you should make sure that also the area directly below it is recorded. To implement this is with a so-called Undercrawl, It prevents the detection area from being bypassed. A special lens or a second sensor make it possible.

Which bulbs are best?

There is only one answer for exterior wall luminaires with motion detectors. And that is: LED, Because LEDs are immediately to 100 percent brightwhen someone passes by. An energy-saving lamp that is not there right away is not suitable. In addition, the savings and environmental factor comes into play here too, because if you already have motion detectors Protect your wallet and the environment, the effect can be enhanced with state-of-the-art LED technology.

Are there any models with solar?

You do not just want to save electricity, you want to do without it? Then solar is exactly your thing. Also available for wall sconces with motion detectors. Tip: Hang up in a sunny spot for full functionality. Especially if the safety aspect is very important to you, you should make sure that your lamp does not flabby due to lack of sunshine. You’re on the safe side with hybrid systems like Sun’Connec. These combine solar with mains electricity.

What advantages does stainless steel bring?

Robust should it be, your light? And look great, of course, too? Then you should put in terms of material on stainless steel. Because that’s how you get a lot of benefits:

  • Stainless steel is a visual highlight.
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean and not at all prone to corrosion.
  • Stainless steel is really stable and temperature resistant.

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