Why is a good desk light important at all?

Actually quite simple: Because you are easy for desk work need more light as it can provide you with your ceiling light.

Your brain is running at full speed in the various tasks at the desk. But not only this, but also Your eyes. And in order not to let them down, in addition to the general lighting, you also need good room lighting – a desk lamp.

This gives you pinpoint, glare-free light to help you with the various tasks and activities at the desk, the so-called visual tasks, optimally support. Texts, pictures and objects simply become more visible. The eyes will be relieved and they do not tire so quickly, feeling unwell or having a headache will be better prevented.

What to look for in the desk lamp?

First and foremost: general lighting (for example, ceiling lights) and room lighting (desk lamps) make a sensible contribution. Do not just use one of the two in your desk work. Otherwise, you are not enough light available or it arises too strong light-dark contrast.

Furthermore …

    • think about which purpose the light should fulfill: relaxed surfing on the PC or long and efficient work?
    • consider which ones Extras are important to you personally, eg. B. dimmer or flexible adjustable lamp head
    • The desk lamp should be your own style correspond
    • on sufficient brightness Pay attention (lumens)
    • the desk lamp should be enough space have to stand firmly on the desk
    • adjustable desk lamps should be firmly lock and stay in the desired position

Where should the desk lamp stand?

Counter question: Are you Left or right handed? Funny question, you may think now. Is important in answering the question. Because you are Right, you should use your light Left to stand on his desk. Are you Left handed, then just on the right Page.

So avoid You, that yourself with your hand shadow throw on paper and Co. Do you have a PC on the table, of course, the light should not stand in front of the screen – is clear. That means: put the desk lamp on the left or right side of the screen or just behind it. But always turn the lamp head away from you so that you not blinded become.

Are the bulbs interchangeable?

Whether the light source of your desk lamp is interchangeable depends on the model.

Are the bulbs not replacable, is a model with permanently installed LED lamps. These use the numerous technical advantages as well as the compactness of the LED technology. Because permanently installed LEDs allow very filigree designs.

For luminaires with permanently installed LEDs, see energy label the note “The LED lamps can not be replaced in the luminaire”.

Can the lamps exchanged You will also find the note “This luminaire is suitable for the energy classes:” in the energy label. You will also find in the article details the reference to the version, e.g. E27 or E14. Thus, you can then decide whether you actually screw in a halogen bulb or rather, rather, an LED bulb. Because in every luminaire with standardized version such. E14 or E27 also fits a corresponding LED lamp.

LED or halogen – which light source for the desk lamp?

If it is not just an LED desk lamp with permanently installed LEDs, the choice is of course entirely up to you. But let’s be honest: Are you still considering whether to use LED or halogen? Whether you are using LED …

    • save 60% electricity compared to halogen
    • to protect the environment
    • quite easily different light colors can select
    • Enjoy up to 50,000 hours of operation

… or use long-outdated technology with halogen? The decision is actually easy!

Or what do you mean?

How bright should the desk lamp be?

Even a less bright desk lamp with about 200 lumens is better than none. However, to work long and efficiently, we recommend 400-500 lumens. Still too dark? Or too bright already? Then you should use a light with dimmer choose. So you can easily adjust the brightness (if the light has a dimmer, see the article details).

Also, keep in mind that you have a desk light next to the desk good general lighting should have. This avoids too strong light-dark contrasts. Otherwise you’ll get tired faster than you might already be from the stale paperwork.

Which light color should the desk lamps have?

When it comes to the light color of a desk lamp, it is best to look for a clear, bright light universal white light to put. This corresponds to about 3,300 to 5,300 Kelvin and has something to do with us sober and objective.

But even if this light is not sober enough, you can use daylight white light (over 5,300 Kelvin). Or you decide to let the paperwork be paperwork and relax in warm white light (below 3,300 Kelvin). All that goes with it a single desk lamp, with you the Adjust light color individually can.

What are the extras of desk lamps?

Having enough light on the desk is all well and good. But having a few extras can not hurt? No problem. With the desk lamps you can under numerous extras choose. Whether the lamp you selected offers the desired extras, you will find in the article details.

    • Dimmable, i. Easily adjustable in brightness
    • Light color individually adjustable
    • adjustable height
    • With touch dimmer
    • Flexibly adjustable luminaire head and body
    • With clamp foot for attachment to the edge of the desk (even more space for work tools – but maybe more work!)
    • With exchangeable bulbs or permanently installed LED lamps
    • With remote
    • With USB ports
    • With Qi technology: modern charging technology for modern smartphones

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