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It could hardly be more comfortable: ceiling lamps made of wood

Close to nature. Sensual. Warm. All this is wood – and that’s why the material stands out in terms of interior design for pronounced coziness. It can be fine, but also coarse. Depending on processing and grain. In the form of a luminaire – and a combination of a warm white light color – the benefits of this natural material come into their own.

Are there any LED wooden lights?

The beautiful naturalness of the wood combined with the latest lighting technology. It is hardly better. And that’s why the answer is: Yes, there are wooden lights with LED bulbs – for changing and also permanently installed. The advantages of LED technology are as extensive as they are convincing:

  • you save 90% electricity compared to conventional light bulbs
  • They protect the environment because LEDs contain no mercury
  • You do not have to deal with that Exchange of bulbs bother
  • Your Lamps always go directly to – unlike energy-saving lamps
  • You benefit from more design variety thanks to compact lighting technology

Are there ceiling lamps also in wood look?

Of course, there are ceiling lamps, which are not made of wood, but at least look like that. Those who do not attach any importance to the fact that their lamp is made of real wood, so has an even greater choice.

In which styles are ceiling lights made of wood?

When you think of wood first and foremost country house and thus a very rustic style of furnishing. And also the Scandinavian style comes quickly to mind when it comes to wood. But young living and classic facilities can be well combined with the natural material par excellence. Fans of vintage pieces can also find what they are looking for in wooden ceiling lights – in the most positive sense.

For which rooms are ceiling lamps made of wood?

There are really no limits to your creative freedom. from living room about the dining room up to Bedroom and children’s room In any case, ceiling lamps made of wood are suitable. In rooms where it is wet or wet could be, but you should definitely pay attention to an appropriate degree of protection. Because water and electricity are known to be very bad. a Overview of the types of protection gives you this table:

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